Sunday, 26 February 2012

Munster Puppies

Maddie and Darcy's pups are continuing to grow and develope.  They have really come on over the last week, playing together and getting more confident each and every day.  They have been handled by all of our children and my 3 year old neice came over to give cuddles on Friday.  They are all starting to be really confident out going little dogs!  They have enjoyed some time outside this morning and if the weather is good will have another spell outside later.  Will need to remember to move some plants out of the way, as they have taken a liking to some on the patio! 

Tilly and Trio have enjoyed spending some time with them, and have been so gentle with them.  Hope you enjoy the pics

Welsh Junior of the Year 2012

Some pictures at last.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Welsh Junior of the Year

Well we have just returned from the Welsh Junior of the year, held at The Royal Welsh Showground.  For the first time the competition incorporated the Welsh Junior Handler of the Year, for which Tasha had qualified with Trio.  Our good friend Jan had qualified with her young Munsterlander Ella.

Well what a day!  Although unplaced Tasha and Trio did us proud!!  Competing with the top handlers in Wales, both put on an impeccable show, sadly hampered by Tasha slipping in the ring!  Neither has been in the ring for some months and they looked fantastic.

Three young handlers from the older category later gave both Tasha and Trio some extra practice, introducing some of the more intricate pattern work that is required at the higher level.  Many thanks to you all; Melisa, Libby and Laura, Libby was 2nd in her class with Melisa 3rd.  It was great to see the older more experienced handler helping the younger children.

The day was a real treat, well organised and felt extra special, just what we needed in February in the run up to Crufts.

Well done to all handlers and dogs that took part, it was an achievement just to have qualified and taken part today.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Maddie and Darcy

Maddie and Darcy (Blitzan Eternal Chaos) became parent in January this year.  They have produced a fabulous litter of 4 boys and 2 girls. 

Both parents are fully health tested, as per KC ABS (Assured Breeder Scheme) and the breed club requirements.  Maddie is a true munster in every sense!  So happy, willing to please and so, so versatile.  She has been shown qualifying for Crufts each time, and placed last year, she has gained 3 BOBs this year.  She has competed in agility being placed amongst all those collies!  She has also partnered my 8 year old daughter in Junior handling (qualified for Richmond), obedience and agility.

Her temperement is second to none!


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