Thursday, 28 February 2013

'Our Dogs' Picture

Last weeks edition of 'Our Dogs' featured Cardiff Show from a few weeks ago and Tasha was thrilled to have her picture featured in the paper.  Trio was also pretty pleased with herself!

This last week has flown by, with lots of club activities on each night.  So much for having some relaxation before the busy Crufts week!  Have started the final trimming for the big day, but still plenty to do!  At least the weather has been kind to us, which has made walking the dogs so much easier - please, please stay dry for another week or so!

Eve has been out and about this week, still not ready to go out on the ground yet, but getting plenty of socialisation in.  She is now much happier in the car, and had a lovely time visiting grandma and grandad and their dogs.  The fire guard was pretty quickly installed as she hadn't come into contact with a real fire and we very nearly had a cooked puppy!

Really looking forward to Crufts next week, and hope to catch up with friends old and new.  If you are there don't forget to come over to either of the breed rings and say hello!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Quick Post From Daddy 'Red'

Just to let all you whipper snappers out there know that 'Daddy' is watching you .......hehe

A few pics to refresh your memory....

Family shot from August 2012 at Pembrokeshire County Show L-R Milly, Cooper, Tilly & Red

Monday, 25 February 2013

Hello to Seahaven Blog from Cooper

Thanks so much to Donna for inviting me to contribute to the Seahaven blog.

If you've read earlier entries you'll have heard of (and seen) me.  I am Cooper - one of Tilly's first litter with Red.  I was born on 2 September 2011.  I was the last pup to leave Seahaven and it's like I was fated to be taken in by Dawn and Gerald - but that's another story.  You can see me below in my first days in my new home, cwtched up on the hearth!

I won't fit on the hearth now as I've grown up into a big, affectionate boy.  I've even outgrown my lovely Dad, Red but would love to meet up with him or any of my brothers or sisters to see how they are getting on.  I've met my mum Tilly, mainly at dog shows I've been to, as well as Milly and Nutmeg my sisters.  Though I tower over them they still put me in my place - my human Dad says that's just the way of the world for us men.

Here's a few things about me and my Toller life I've learned so far:

1 Not many humans know what I am
2 Cats don't like me but the feeling is mutual
3 Be wary of vets with syringes
4 Be even more wary of dobermans with chain collars
5 Welshcakes are scrumptious but make my eyes and mouth red
6 You can't catch a whippet/cross on the beach
7 Women everywhere want to cuddle me - unfortunately not toller ladies (yet - ha, ha)
8 If you run off and get lost in the woods (twice!) my human dad's face goes as red as my fur but not for long after I've been found
9 I love helping in the garden (just like Bron by the looks of it), digging the borders, scarifying the   lawn, cutting back the shrubs and "watering" the plants.  If you want your garden seen to, I'm your man.
10 I'm manic around sweeping brushes, the vacuum cleaner and the hosepipe.  In fact I'm pretty manic quite a bit of the time.

Thanks for reading about me.  I'll be in touch.

Love to all


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bron has been gardening

Bron has been spotted doing a bit of Toller style tree pruning in the garden this weekend, along with some hole digging and helping with sorting the kindling for the log burner!

Her coat is very thick so she had a taste of the grooming brush today, she was very good and didn't try to eat the brush and she stood really still, however she was trembling slightly!  I am not sure if she was slightly afraid of the brush or of being up on the grooming table!

Her foster friend Ty is still here and the pair of them are getting heavier by the day, it's nice for her to have a wee play mate but he does get a bit annoying at times so we put him to bed and do a bit of play while he is locked up behind bars hehe.

Be nice if they stayed this size wouldn't it? rather cute and fluffy with striking coloured eyes.

Daddy Red loves his daughter and is always willing for a game of racey chasey round the garden!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Welsh Junior of the Year

Today was Welsh Junior of the Year, a competition for dogs qualified in a junior class at a Championship Show during a qualifying period.  Also incorporated into it is the Welsh Junior Handler, again a class for qualified handlers.

Tasha had qualified for this again this year, and was hoping to handle her own dog Trio who she has done so well with this year.  Anyway Trio wasn't able to attend and Tilly stepped in on the last minute to partner her.  Poor tilly has been on maternity duties as many of you will know and hasn't been to a show for some time, or had any practice!  As usual Tilly was a little star, and only one minor hiccough on a turn which earnt Tasha a 3rd!  A huge thank you to Melissa Phillips who won the overall title of Welsh Junior Handler for all of the practice, advice and support that she has given Tasha.

Seahaven Galatic Storm (Cooper) had qualified for the Juniors, and looked super with Dawn doing a fabulous job as usual partnering him.  It was lovely to have a dog representing Seahaven, and the Junior section is judged on a match system where two dogs compete against each other and the winner goes through to the next round.  Sadly Cooper was knocked out, but the dog that knocked him out went on to win the competition. So the Welsh Junior winner was the only dog to beat Cooper!

This again was a super event with a real sense of occasion, but with a really friendly athmosphere and a lovely hot sit down lunch.  We tool advantage of the good weather and location to get some lovely pics of the dogs.

Welcome to London, Rio!

Rio was very good on the way back from Wales to London! We did not get much sleep for the first 4 nights, but she is now all settled. She has been in the car, visiting friends (and playing football!), going to shops and school! She has been visited by friends with their dogs and  is now ready to explore the real outside world (which should be possible by the end of next week)!

Friday, 22 February 2013

All About Eve!

A belated welcome to the new Seahaven addition Eve (Seahaven Parish Bell), one of Tilly's babies, with Red (Beausjour Eighth Henry) as dad. 

Eve has certainly made her presence felt, and integrated well into the family, this has obviously been made easier as she was born here and hasn't had to contend with a change in her home environment.  Trio is her best buddy and are often found together with Eve chewing various body parts of Trio!

She has had a few outings this week to introduce her to the car and other different situations which will become part of normal every day life in the future.  Two favourites have been taking her to pick Eleanor up from the school orchestra, and choir this week where she has enjoyed getting lots of attention from Eleanors school friends.

Eve send lots of lovely licks and kisses to her brothers and sisters who are settling into their new homes well.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Seahaven Gloriana AKA Bron arrives in Carmarthenshire

Our long awaited Toller pup arrived home last week from Donna & Sean! We are just soooo thrilled to have her and very pleased to have a Tilly & Red baby join our pack. Thank you so much for the first class care and doing such a fantastic job bringing these pups up.

Bron settled in immediately with our doggy gang, although she deprived us of much sleep for a large part of the first week.....She has a little pup friend to wrestle with and bash up in the form of Ty a rescue staffie pup we are fostering, he is 8 weeks old now and has been here for 4 weeks, he was teeny weeny when he arrived (about the size of a tin of beans) but he is doing well and him and Bron are enjoying each others company.

Bron and Ty have been out and about this week meeting new people and other dogs socialising and travelling about in the van. Today they met lots of dogs, big and small and two other puppies as part of a training exercise I was helping out with along with 3 of my other dogs Nell, Dizzy and Jim and a customers dog Frieda. I took the pups along to have a little play afterwards and they loved all the attention from everyone.

Bron has been really good with house training so far, always going for a tiddle and a poop in the garden and often asking to go out by hovvering at the door. She is most definately a thinker. She is very fast at the door too and as quick as lightening to whip through the door so we have to watch her closely. This little fluffy is really afraid of missing something.