Monday, 8 September 2014

Richmond - Handling Semi Finals & Breed Judging

Another early start for us again, but just a little earlier than usual!!  Left home at 4.00 am with Trio, Eve and the girls.  The others decided that they weren't too bothered and went back to sleep when we left, this was fortunate for Sean and Christopher!

It was one of those days that things went smoothly but with little hiccups along the way.  The first was jamming the boot shut when we stopped at the services on the way so that the girls could change.  Thankfully the dogs were in the car, and the boot was secure the controls just kept telling me that it was open.  We continued on our way thinking that we would sort it out when we got there.  Well we arrived and the boot wouldn't open, not too much of a surprise!  With time ticking along we decided to put the back seat down and let the two of them duck until the dog guard.  Thankfully they obliged, and again decided to worry about it later. 

After booking in for the handling (and collecting the coveted lunch vouchers) we located the numbers from benching and the handling was being called into the rings.  A quick good luck to them both and I looked forward to having a relaxing time watching from my ringside seat, I even considered going and getting a much needed cup of tea.  This was soon spoilt by Eleanor wildly gesticulating for me to move as I was distracting her.  I wondered around the rings, with all of the bags trying as best as I could to get a good view of both girls.  I did manage to see both of the girls doing their respective individual parts and they looked to give a really good performance each.  These were huge classes with about 30 handlers in each age category, so I was delighted to see Eleanor shortlisted in her class.  She didn't get any further but she was delighted by this result, Tasha wasn't shortlisted or placed but was delighted with how Trio had gone for her.  She has a tendency to become a little vocal in a big class when she gets bored!

The second incident was being asked if I had a pooh bag by a French Bulldog handler, I obliged but had to check both pockets and then locate one in the show bag.  Nothing terrible exciting, until later when the girls asked for their lunch vouchers!  Well I checked every pocket, the show bag, even the car to no avail.  They must have come out of my pocket when I was looking for the pooh bags.  We went and looked around the rings, and asked if they had been handed in.  The girls, and then I went with them to ask if they could have duplicate tickets to be told that the only print out exactly the right amount and it was our responsibility to take care of them.  Thankfully I had packed a good lunch box, as those familiar with our girls know how they like to ear when at shows!  A very kind hearted fellow exhibitor and friend also gave them some money to go and buy some lunch with.  Such good people, thank you if your reading this!

Breed was soon on, starting first with the LMs.  Trio had a 3rd in PGB and then a Reserve in a string limit class, we were all delighted by this result.  Mean while the toller judging had started and I was fortunate to be able to watch both rings from one place and was delighted to see Eve gain a good 1st in PGB.  This little ginger girl has really blown me away this summer, she isn't yet 2 and has contended in the adult classes so well.  She then impressed us some more by being awarded Reserve Best Bitch!!

We had a bit of a walk around before going back to the car and managed to free the boot, the girls has shut a lead in the mechanism! 

The third and final thing was missing a junction on the way out toward the motorway, after being unable to cross the busy 2 lane road straight away the satnav informed me to continue on this road.  No idea of what road as don't tend to read a map anymore, might be a good idea to be more familiar though!  Anyway the time of arrival jumped from arriving at 8.20 to 8.40 pm, we soon found out why, we were directed on to the M25 which was more like a car park than a motorway. 

Anyway, a thoroughly good day for us all, we managed to meet up with people considering having a LM in the future and it was lovely as always to meet up with like minded friends.