Friday, 25 November 2016

An Introduction to Rally

A couple of weeks ago, (yes I've been a bit lazy keeping this blog upto date!) we attended our first Rally competition.  It was the inaugural competition for our local club that was set up earlier this year.

To make it more attraction to Rally competitors it was held in Carmarthenshire, our neighbouring county, and it did indeed attract a healthy entry.  Many competitors had travelled some distance, we even met another toller who had come all the way from East Anglia.

As helpers, we organised the refreshments we had a rather early start, and a cold one.

Tasha had opted to handle Tilly as Trio doesn't like all of the sit transitions found in Rally,this is due to her hock injury a few years ago.  They had entered L1 and L2, I had also entered the same with Lyric. Eleanor had decided to only enter the L1 as she felt that this was enough to start off with, we did persuade her to enter eh special class as well. Though we didn't have any idea what this would entail.

The L1 was on quite early and sadly Eve and Lyric were eliminated.  Eve for weeing in the ring, Eleanor had rushed in after manning the refreshments and hadn't taken her out for a toilet break. Such a frustrating mistake to make, and she didn't make it again for her special class.  Lyric found it difficult to concentrate and went the wrong way around one of the cones, and eliminating error.  Bless her she has only been to one Rally training session, and we only went to give us a little bit of experience. Tilly did a super round, being so responsive to Tasha, so thrilled when they were place later on.

Lyric gave a similar performance in the L2 round, though not being eliminated but not gaining a qualifying score either.  We have lots to work on if we want to give this another try.

Tasha withdraw Tilly who was so distracted by my presence by the ring, something that doesn't normally bother her.

Eleanor then had to have a go in the special class, little did we know that this was open to all levels and she had to follow a L5/6 dog and handler who did a super round. Eleanor took some convincing to go in, but she did in the end.  We were all delighted when they were place 3rd in such a strong class.

They made such a good impression that they have both been selected as subs for the Welsh Rally team at Crufts.

Otherwise life has been a little quiet for us, though were still enjoying just being out and about with the dogs.
Not a brilliant pictue, just the dogs having a blast on Plumstone mountain.

Thursday, 3 November 2016


Seahaven Halloween litter celebrate their 2nd birthday.

Well two years has certainly passed so quickly, and what fabulous dogs they're turned in to.  These pics of Rana were sent in by her owners this week, she's looking so grown up now.

Lyric celebrated her 1st birthday!

But a bit of a bittersweet day - remembering the little brothers and sisters who didn't make it.

What a year she's had though, she has certainly surpassed all of our expectations, and is such a great addition to the family - couldn't imagine life without her.

She has taken part in two Gundog Working Tests, partnered by a very novice handler too - we've managed to score in each category on both occasions too.

She has attended eight Champ shows this year, gaining Best Puppy in Breed at 4 of them.  At open shows she had 3 where breed classes have been on offer, and then gained 2, group 2 and one group 3 places in the gundog puppy groups.

We will be continuing with her gundog training and start her agility training over the winter, so looking forward to the next year with this young lady.

Rookie's sired his first litter

Rookie - Seahaven Celtic Commander at Hartenziel  is to become a sire later this month.  All details are on Jess's website So looking forward to seeing these puppies.