Saturday, 31 March 2012

Our two handsone boys!!

Well the weather has certainly changed now.  Yesterday was quite cold but dry, today started wet but the clouds have parted, and not exactly sunshine but a huge improvement.

Only the last two boys now waiting to find their fabulous forever homes where they'll be much loved.  It certainly feels diferent without them are around us, as they are truely part of the family.

If anyone is interested in offering a home to either of these lovely boys do drop us a line.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Well again the weather has been glorious!!  Hope that we can have some sun during the Easter break.

Two puppies are still here waiting for their forever homes. 

Both are doing really well, adjusted to the crate and enjoying life here with us.  The girls (Tasha & Eleanor) have been really patient introducing some basic training with them.  They have really enjoyed the past week as it's been easy to spend so much time outside, they do come in and go straight to sleep as a result!

Trio was a bit of a clown today.  Eleanor had put a ball on top of the climbing frame (it has a flat base and the bikes are stored underneath), she decided that she should have it and before we could do anything had climbed the ladder and then stood on top wondering what to do!  She then dropped the ball down to Maddie, then half climbed down, jumping the last few rungs!! 

It shows that a ball is never safe here!!

Anyway some pics taken today.

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Another lovely day here.  Again we have spent most of the day outside, as the weather has been so good, the puppies heard the lawnmower for the first time, and weren't in the least bit bothered.

Trio rather obligingly allowed Max to take her for a walk! She is so patient with the puppies.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Here comes spring

Well the weather has been glorious here at Seahaven (Pembrokeshire), there isn't a nicer place to be on a day like this.

Today we have taken down the whelping box and moved the last puppies to a crate, such big boys now.  We have been thinking of doing this for a few days now, and after finding that someone had somehow managed to get a white shirt into the box overnight decided that the time was right!

The girls have had the puppies out in the spring sunshine to do some basic puppy training which has gone well. 

The girls also got out some of the agility equipment and did some work with Maddie and Trio.  Maddie was thrilled to be doing some work again, and was rather over excited.  Eleanor soon had her settled and working though.

Lets hope that the weather continues!!!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pics from Jane

These are some of the photographs that Jane took when she came to chip the puppies.  She is so much better with a camera than me!!  So thanks very much for the great pics Jane.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

oh to be a puppy!

What a life!  Oh to be a puppy.

They have mum Maddie, big sister Trio and auntie Tilly keeping a catchful eye over them.  They can do no wrong!

Eat, sleep and play.  There biggest task is how to get to the top of the slide!  And my, do I have to be quick trying to get any pictures of them at the moment!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Well we have had a lovely mothers day here today.  Breakfast in bed, and the dogs etc sorted out for me this morning.  We have taken the dogs down to the beach in the sunshine for a walk and a swim for the dogs.

Two of the puppies left for their new homes yesterday.  Spot is now Fey, and Splodge is now Travis, and I'm sure that they'll be much loved.  We look forward to updates and pics as they settle with their new families.

The puppies have given lots of kisses to Maddie so I think she feels like a special mum today!

Friday, 16 March 2012

All Chipped

Well such brave puppies today, all now chipped without too much fuss.  Many thanks to Jane for her kind and gently handling, ably assisted by Margaret and the girls. 

All done, and then out for a play, after a cuddle of course.  Jane took some fab photographs which I hope to put on here sometime soon.

Play Days!

Well it's been a busy week (it always seems to be!) again.  Have been catching up with all of the jobs that got neglected last week whilst we were at Crufts, Crufts seems such a distant memory now.

The puppies have again been wormed in preparation for leaving for their new homes.  Jane is going to microchip them this afternoon, and we're trying to get as much time with them before they leave for their lovely new homes. 

We have been really lucky with the new owners and feel confident that these puppies will be loved as much by them as they have been by us.  The first two will leave tomorrow, such mixed emotions!

Anyway they have been enjoying some time outside, before Jane and the rain arrives this afternoon.

We still have two puppies looking for a home, so please feel free to contact us for more information and a friendly chat.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Crufts 2012

Well what an exhausting weekend, but a fab one!!!

Tasha flew the flag for Seahaven on the Friday.  She worked Trio in the Graduate obedience in the busy YKC ring, lovely obedience round and clear stays.  Competing with all of the much older obedience handlers!

Later she took part in the handling again in the busy YKC ring and again an inpeccable performance from them both.

Tilly was in the breed classes (NSDTR) sadly not placed, the first two in the class were from overseas and it was such a strong class. 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Getting Ready

Well it has been a busy week all in all, certainly not helped by me being bogged down with a heavy cold and sore throat.

Tasha has been busy practicing with Trio and the other dogs, so as not to bore Trio!  Have spent the morning grooming and bathing the dogs.  They did think that they had got out of it by bathing in a lovely deep muddie puddle whilst out walking this morning.  Tilly bounded up the stairs for her bath, but soon realised what was about to happen.  Trio being the clever girl that she is took some persuading!

All are lovely and clean and enjoying a well earned rest!

The pups took quite a bit of interest in what was going on whilst I was grooming and they came on to the table for a quick brush.

Again the pups have been out in the garden for some fun, enjoying the dry weather whilst we have it.

Pictures of the two girls and the four boys for you to enjoy.  Also one of Trio being attacked by the tiny terrors!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Last but not least!!!!

And now we have;
No.1 Annie (B)
No.2 Splodge (D)

Puppy pics 2

Another 2.
No.4 Trouble (D)
No.3 Max (D)

Well they have reached 6 weeks!!  The moment that we have been waiting for, the camera came out and there are some pics of each of the puppies stacked.  Some were naturals in front of the camera, I'll let you quess who!!
So we have
No.6 Spot (B)
No.5 Alfie (D)

Fun In The Sun!!

Well the sun has shone and the babies have had a great day.  They have spent some time outside this morning and this afternoon wearing themselves out.  It has been great to see them interacting with each other and with the other dogs.  They have been playing chase with each other and with the ball, and had great fun carying various toys around. 

Friday, 2 March 2012

Fun In The Sun!!

Well the babies have had a great day out in the sunshine today.  Sometime this morning and another session this afternoon.  It has been great to see them interacting with each other and with the other dogs.  They have played chase with each other and with the ball and had great fun carrying a variety of toys around.