Sunday, 28 June 2015

Playing the Waiting Game

Well we are trying to be as patient as possible with Trio, her season is now overdue! 

She really is enjoying keeping us on ours toes, but we are all ready and set for when she does decide to come into season.  All health tests have been done and she passed her annual eye test in May.

We haven't done a great deal, we have had some school commitments over some of the weekends and GCSE exams to contend with recently.  Now things are starting to settle down and we can get to a few shows over the summer.  We are off to Windsor Champ show on Saturday, and helping out on the Sunday at the LMC working test.  Hoping that we get the predicted good weather as we're taking a small tent as it's only one night away!

Agility training has been going well, Eleanor tried Eve out at the 4th height jumps last week and she exceeded our expectations with her jumping ability.  So impressed that we put up some of the jumps to full height to see how she would cope and she sailed over them.  Giving us some hope that she might manage on the KC full height that she has measured into.  We've only entered her in anysize classes for the one agility show that we have entered so far, so will have to see how this goes.  We don't intend to rush her anyway.

Fingers crossed here for Trio, maybe if she sees Alfie at Windsor this weekend it might remind her what a handsome chap he is.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Cooper's latest exploits

Hi to all my friends out there. Just a short update on a couple of the last shows I've been to.

On 29 May I went to the Southern Counties Show held in Newbury. I can tell you - the air in the car turned blue. Tollers were scheduled as first in the ring so we all set out on the M4 bright and early. By early I don't mean Seahaven early which is like 4 a.m. but Neath early, 5.45 a.m.  So - with that early start, why did we have to sprint to the show ring? Well, you can put the blame squarely on my Dad's shoulders, who, because there was no postcode on the printed Schedule, was convinced it was held in Newbury Raceground. The actual road to the raceground was shut off for roadworks anyway, so at least three circuits of the centre of Newbury were done, taking us back via sat-nav to the same closed road, before Mam realised what was wrong and phoned Sean Black (he's always on the computer) and he looked it up for us. A mad rush then out of Newbury to the SHOWGROUND (not Raceground, right, Dad?). Mam got her asthma pump into her, a quick brush for me, then we were in our Limit Class, where I got a Second place. Panic, and the day, over by the time I'm usually going out on my walk with Dad.

Then, on 7 June I was in Three Counties Show, Malvern,but we can get there without the dreaded sat-nav. Due to paranoia after what happened in the previous Show we set out early and were the first tollers at the showground. It was a glorious day and we all sat on the grass outside. In this show I was in Open and got First place, then even better was awarded Best Dog. I couldn't do better than that on the day, a lovely bitch being awarded Best of Breed (she was actually Best Bitch in Crufts this year).
A pose for the Judge to take a Photo

Someone attract his attention so he looks forward!

Showing over, just chilling.

Bit of a break now until early July but I hope to spend it with a few doggie meets, so watch out Newgale!