Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer hols

Well for once the change in the weather has coincided with the start of the summer hols.  Although it has been hot, most days have had a light breeze which has helped to keep everyone cool.  The dogs have taken their favourite position under the trampoline in the shade.  As usual we have taken the opportunity of cooling down in the sea, the dogs just love going body boarding with the children!
Maddie enjoying the woods at Scolton Manor

Tilly and Maddie outside Scolton Manor
Now hoping that the weather will continue to be kind to us for the next six weeks!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Guilty Party!

Well it's a good day that there's only today and tomorrow left in school for the girls!  Eleanor brought her shoes in after leaving them by the trampoline whilst she was playing with her friends.  There wasn't much left of one of them!  Trainers will have to do!

Not sure whether either of them look guilty!

The evidence
Really looking forward to seeing some dry weather, even the dogs have started to give me dirty looks when it's time to go out.  Once out they enjoy the mud and puddles, but we could really do with some dry weather now.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Surf's Up!

Today, we have had sunshine!!  A whole day with no rain, we didn't know what to do with ourselves, or what job to do first.

The washing has been caught up with, and there was plenty of it after last weekend at Tuffley!  The grass has been cut, ready for it's next growth spurt, and so we headed to the beach.

The dogs love the water, and  especially love the sea, even when it is quite rough which it was today.  The children took the body boards and had great fun in the surf.  Maddie particulary enjoyed diving in with them.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tuffley Championship Agility Show

Well we decided to attend Tuffley dispite the van being in the garage, so no vehicle to tow the caravan.  So we went back to basics and attended with the tent, the weather and ground was awful but we had so much fun!

We arrived to find that most vehicle were being towed on to the site, we managed to get across to  the far side of the ground having a perfect view of the both the castle and the top rings.  Also managed to camp on slightly better ground than the bottom of the field.  After a rather wet night, yes it did leak slightly and I had a new air bed that I couldn't inflate we managed to have a relatively dry day on the Saturday.  Maddie managed to get a clear round and ended up being 14th, which out of 137 dogs was fab.  Tasha and Eleanor took part in the junior classes and Tasha managed a clear round, Eleanor has only just started working Maddie in agility did realy well but was eliminated. 

Again  another slightly soggy night in the tent, and I did get up to see if the river behind us was about to flood us, which thank goodness it didn't!  Again Maddie ran well for me this time gaining a 8th place out of 119 starts, I was so pleased with her.  Tasha handled her in the juniors this time and managed a 3rd, so completly outdoing me!!

Tilly managed to humiliate Eleanor in the junior by leaving the ring, but did manage to get around a full height course earlier in the day.

All in all a fab weekend, just hope that the weather improves for Tuffley next year (and for the rest of the summer!)

Camp Seahaven!!
The girls with Berkeley Castle in the the background.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Another Busy Week

Well it's been another busy week here, not with the dogs but with other committements.  The dogs haven't missed out though!

Luckily we have managed to have some good walks in the dry, not that the dogs mind in the  least and they usually get wet from swimming anyway!  Agility was on for a change, we have missed loads of sessions due to the girls having seasons and the weather.  Well this week it was dry and we still didn't go! 

The children sang in a concert with their choir last weekend, which was fantastic.  A trip to Caldey Island was cancelled due to the sea conditions which was a shame.  This week was Tasha's comfirmation so we were busy with practices for that then the ceremony on Friday evening.  It was a very special event, the Bishop even came and sat with us for supper after the service.

We are now hoping for some good weather for next weekend, when we will be at Tuffley for the agility.