Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Two's company, three's a crowd!!

Well Morry has settled here as if he hasn't been away and Eve is so grateful to have such a good playmate around for her.  The weather has been so hot making it difficult to get out for any decent walks and the dogs have been quite happy to laze around until the air cools in the evenings.  That's when the fun starts!!  The video below is of a typical evening, although the other dogs normally just leave Eve and Morry to it.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Show Time!! Pembs Canine Open Show Saturday 19/07/2014

Well it seems like ages since we had a show!  We had expected to have been busy with puppy duties so didn't have much booked in, but what an enjoyable day.

This was  our ring craft clubs open show, and with breed classes put on for both breeds were are always keen to support it and encourage others to do so too.  Despite the weather forecast being for showers we managed to have a pleasant day sat outside by the cars with only a few drops of rain - not really enough to wet the grass.  We had also been fortunate to obtain parking close to the hall on hard standing but backing on to part of the showground at Withybush.  This was a great opportunity for a good crowd of us to catch up on any news that we had.  I think  the dogs enjoyed it too!

The Large Munsterlanders we in the ring quite early on, and with only an open class on offer it was all hands to the deck.  Tasha handled Trio to a 1st and BOB, a first for her and so proud of them both.  Eleanor handled Maddie to a 2nd and I handled Morry to 3rd with Ella and Jan 4th.  So proud of the Seahaven crowd gaining 1 -3. As we were all handling it was rather difficult to take any pics of them and we were then busy getting the tollers ready for their classes.

Two classes on offer for NSDTRs, so Eve was first in for Post Grad where Eleanor handled her to a 2nd place behind the much more mature Marlow.  Then it was in to the open class with Tilly, Bron (Eve's sister) Cooper (Eve's older brother) and Marlow.  Cooper won the class and BOB with Tilly 2nd, Marlow 3rd and Bron 4th.  Had some lovely comments made to me from the judge about Cooper and Tilly and she didn't realise until I had told her that it was mother and son, can't wait for the critique!

Both of the girls were also entered in the handling classes and this clashed with a stakes class so was rather difficult to watch, both girls had to rush into and out of the stakes class in order to compete.  Eleanor won her class and Tasha won the older age class, so proud to see them doing so well!

Not content with the rosette collection so far they handled the dogs in the brace class, Tasha with the LMs and Eleanor with the NSDTRs.  This was a huge class of some really well matched dogs, and only the 2nd time that the girls have handled in the brace.  Tasha managed to gain a 3rd place with the LMs, and Eleanor came out empty handed but did such a fab job with miss fidget Eve.
Eleanor was delighted to be asked to handle a Belgian Shepherd for BIS

Trio waiting to be seen

It was fantastic to see two dogs bred by us in the BIS ring, it was rather crowded as this show wasn't judged on the group system so a lot for the dogs to contend with.  Cooper and Trio both moved beautifully in the ring with Dawn and Tasha giving a polished performance.  However  BIS went to a fantastic Dalmation, with a Whippet reserve BIS.   
The Seahaven Tollers after judging.  L-R Cooper, Bron, Tilly & Eve

The perfect antidote!  A trip to the beach for Eve & Tilly.  Those 3 dots are Eleanor with Eve & Tilly enjoying some swimming at Newgale today.
As always thank you all for sharing the day with us, it really was a lovely pleasant relaxed day.  Hope to see you all soon.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Munster Happenings

Just thought I’d share some of the latest Rookie happenings and pics.

Seahaven's Celtic Commander

 He’s been in the obedience ring for a proper training round, where I let him off the lead and everything!!!! Obedience shows are a lot like the breed shows in terms of all of the other people and dogs around, and Rookie feels quite strongly that people and dogs need munster love, so it has been our biggest hurdle to ignore them both. He’s done really well, his heelwork is lovely, and he is such fun to work. The only thing left to check off the list is a retrieve in the ring, as he occasionally decides he needs to do a lap of honour with his dumbell before bringing it back! Next time hopefully.....

Retrieves with his pheasant dummy

Retrieves with his rabbit dummy

I’ve also attended my first working trial just to see how it all works. It was a brilliant day, and I know Rookie is going to love trials. He has started jumping, and can clear the 3ft clear jump, 9ft long jump and 6ft vertical scale without breaking a sweat! I’m working hard on trying to keep him searching for articles inside the search square, hard to get a nose that wants to hunt far and wide to focus its efforts on a small square, but slowly he is spending more time in the right area. 

In between that boring stuff he has been....

Being a big dork....

Looking after 'his' puppy.....

Secretly swimming in a lake that apparently they aren't allowed to... (oops)....

Walking on water......

And being a cuddly bear :) 

Hope everyone is well, and you've all had plenty of that shiny ball in the sky to get out and enjoy like we have :)

Jess and Rookie