Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 - A Year in Review

As the year comes to a close it gives us an opportunity to reflect on what has passed during the last twelve months.  There have been ups and downs but we're here looking forward to next year, 2017.

We started the year looking forward to having Lyric out at some shows, and having a go a some HPR working tests.  The working tests being a bit of a steep learning curve, having only attended one to help and so not actually seeing too much during the day.

The intention was to take Lyric to the LM. Club working test at Hall Barn in May, having helped at this event the previous year we were keen to have one of our taking part.  Training ended up being more problematic than expected as there were no HPR trainers withing a 2 hour drive for us to attend. Training took place by using a bit of common sense, a vague idea of what might be expected and some tips from friends, along with lots of encouragement.

In April we made a late entry to attend a HPR working test about 3 hours away, chosen as nobody had talked about going, and it was being judged by someone we knew who knew the breed.  There ended up with 3 LM puppies, all owners having the same idea as ourselves I think! What a great support though, as we watched each other, offering encouragement and laughter. It really was a great day, topped by Lyric actually achieving marks in each section.  Most importantly we were on the right path to move her forward with a little bit more confidence.

Hall Barn saw a huge improvement in how she was handled and a massive improvement in her marks for each section, again she gained points in each.

Lyric has exceeded all of our expectations in the show ring, we started the year just hoping to qualify her for Crufts; something she did on every occasion at a Champ show.

In all she gained

  • 3 Best Puppy in Breed at Champ shows with CCs on offer
  • Best Puppy in Show at the LMC Championship Show
  • 3 Best Puppy in Breed at Open Shows; 2 x group 2 & 1 x group 3 award in the Gundog P. Grp
  • Best Bitch at SWKA 
All this from a lightly shown puppy.

The others Munsters haven't been shown much at all, however Trio has made a few appearances this year showing her daughter how to have fun in the ring.

  • Winning Limit Bitch at National Gundog
  • Placed in Open Bitch in her other visits to Champ shows with CCs on offer
  • Winning Best of Breed and Group 4 at Pembs Agricultural show
  • Winning Special Bred by Exhibitor at the LM Club Champ Show

The NSDTRs have also been making us very proud this year.  We attended the NSDTR Club Champ Show in March and came away with a number of trophies!

Eve won every class and delighted us all in wining the bitch CC!

Trying something new, Eleanor has been attending Rally training and they took part in their first competition gaining a 3rd in the special class; open to all levels and so beating many dogs and handlers who were at a much higher level than themselves.
Cooper & Eve at the NSDTR Club Champ Show
  • 1st Limit bitch 
  • 1st special working and the CC
  • Placed in the JHA semi finals out of over 20 handlers
  • 3rd Special Rally class 

Tilly came along to the NSDTR show too, and did us so proud by gaining a 3rd place in the Veteran Class. She also took part in the rally competition, handled by Tasha.
  • 3rd Level 1 Rally with an excellent score

Other highlights include
  • Cooper (Seahaven Galatic Storm at Wulalowe) Dog CC and Best of Breed at NSDTR Club Champ show
  • Tegan (Seahaven Bewitched by Cedarlake) Reserve CC at NSDTR Club Champ Show
  • Seahaven Olympic Uthopia Bitch CC at Driffield
  • Megane became a calendar girl for Haringtons
  • Rookie Seahaven Celtic Commander having all of his health tests completed with good results becomes a sire.  
Sadly the year had some downs, one of the main sadness's of the year was the untimely  passing of Megane (Seahaven's Celtic Cariad).  What a huge hole this lovely girl has left for her lovely family, and hopefully as time passes some smiles too.  As breeders, we couldn't have asked for a more caring or loving home for her. 

The two dog papers run competitions throughout the year for Top Dogs.  We are so proud to have two dogs, one from each breed represented:

Lyric (Seahaven Limited Edition) gaining the Top LM puppy award from Dorwest/Our Dogs.

Tilly (Dinsakarrek's Red Vixen at Seahaven) gaining Top Brood Bitch from Dog World

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Introducing Some Extended Family

Thought it was about time I introduced the Rooklets.

These lovely babies are Tarkanya Meas Moonshine x Seahaven's Celtic Commander of Hartenziel (Rookie). This makes them Maddie's grandpuppies.

Bea is a super mum and is doing a fabulous job. Been to see them twice already!

2 days old:

10 days old:

Proud mum Bea

So looking forward to seeing some of these pups grow up, so pleased with them.

Jess and Proud Clueless Rookie

Friday, 25 November 2016

An Introduction to Rally

A couple of weeks ago, (yes I've been a bit lazy keeping this blog upto date!) we attended our first Rally competition.  It was the inaugural competition for our local club that was set up earlier this year.

To make it more attraction to Rally competitors it was held in Carmarthenshire, our neighbouring county, and it did indeed attract a healthy entry.  Many competitors had travelled some distance, we even met another toller who had come all the way from East Anglia.

As helpers, we organised the refreshments we had a rather early start, and a cold one.

Tasha had opted to handle Tilly as Trio doesn't like all of the sit transitions found in Rally,this is due to her hock injury a few years ago.  They had entered L1 and L2, I had also entered the same with Lyric. Eleanor had decided to only enter the L1 as she felt that this was enough to start off with, we did persuade her to enter eh special class as well. Though we didn't have any idea what this would entail.

The L1 was on quite early and sadly Eve and Lyric were eliminated.  Eve for weeing in the ring, Eleanor had rushed in after manning the refreshments and hadn't taken her out for a toilet break. Such a frustrating mistake to make, and she didn't make it again for her special class.  Lyric found it difficult to concentrate and went the wrong way around one of the cones, and eliminating error.  Bless her she has only been to one Rally training session, and we only went to give us a little bit of experience. Tilly did a super round, being so responsive to Tasha, so thrilled when they were place later on.

Lyric gave a similar performance in the L2 round, though not being eliminated but not gaining a qualifying score either.  We have lots to work on if we want to give this another try.

Tasha withdraw Tilly who was so distracted by my presence by the ring, something that doesn't normally bother her.

Eleanor then had to have a go in the special class, little did we know that this was open to all levels and she had to follow a L5/6 dog and handler who did a super round. Eleanor took some convincing to go in, but she did in the end.  We were all delighted when they were place 3rd in such a strong class.

They made such a good impression that they have both been selected as subs for the Welsh Rally team at Crufts.

Otherwise life has been a little quiet for us, though were still enjoying just being out and about with the dogs.
Not a brilliant pictue, just the dogs having a blast on Plumstone mountain.

Thursday, 3 November 2016


Seahaven Halloween litter celebrate their 2nd birthday.

Well two years has certainly passed so quickly, and what fabulous dogs they're turned in to.  These pics of Rana were sent in by her owners this week, she's looking so grown up now.

Lyric celebrated her 1st birthday!

But a bit of a bittersweet day - remembering the little brothers and sisters who didn't make it.

What a year she's had though, she has certainly surpassed all of our expectations, and is such a great addition to the family - couldn't imagine life without her.

She has taken part in two Gundog Working Tests, partnered by a very novice handler too - we've managed to score in each category on both occasions too.

She has attended eight Champ shows this year, gaining Best Puppy in Breed at 4 of them.  At open shows she had 3 where breed classes have been on offer, and then gained 2, group 2 and one group 3 places in the gundog puppy groups.

We will be continuing with her gundog training and start her agility training over the winter, so looking forward to the next year with this young lady.

Rookie's sired his first litter

Rookie - Seahaven Celtic Commander at Hartenziel  is to become a sire later this month.  All details are on Jess's website So looking forward to seeing these puppies.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

A Bit of an Absence

Apologies for the long absence, it's been a mixed summer and it didn't feel appropriate to comment on successes when others were having a difficult time.

Sadly Megane, the much loved and cherished LM of our lovely friends died last month.  She was bred by us, and we'd been fortunate to have seen her at regular intervals throughout the years along with her owners who have become good friends. We last saw her at Hall Barn, along with her new 'brother' and it was great to see her enjoying her new playmate.

Sadly she became ill after this, Megane being Megane - kept the vets on their toes presenting with a variety of symptoms that seemed to conflict with each other making a diagnosis rather difficult, even when referred to the hospital.  In true munster style she charmed them all and was loved by all who met her.

Over the following few weeks her health declined and she sadly lost her battle, she was only 4 years old which has devastated us all. She was found to have a type of juvenile cancer.

There have been many tears shed, and the sense of loss is testament to how much she was loved and cared for by Hazel and David.  She really couldn't have had better owners.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Super Weekend

What a super weekend we've just had!!

The Pembrokeshire Canine Association open show on the Saturday and the Large Munsterlander Club Champ show on the Sunday.

As we were attending the club open show en-route to the LMC show, we decided to only enter the dogs who would be being shown on the Sunday; Trio and Lyric.  It was lovely to see support for the NSDTR classes, and we hope to have ours there next year.

Lyric (Seahaven Limited Edition) was 2nd in LM Open, with Trio (Seahaven Borrowed Heaven) 3rd. Lyric was awarded Best Puppy in Breed - the only one there! But she did then go on to get Group 3 in the Gundog Puppy group under judge, A Harding.

It then off to stay with friends before attending the LMC show the next day.  We arrived to sweltering heat, gave the dogs a quick run to let off some steam and reacquaint themselves with each other.  We then took them in to the garden and to Lyrics delight they had a doggy paddling pool; and a pond! She made herself at home in both, thankfully rinsing out the pond weed in the paddling pool.

Another sweltering day greeted us on Sunday morning, car was repacked ready for the long journey home after the show. We love the breed club shows, but haven't attended the LMC one for a few years as it is held so far away from us, we felt that we had a good excuse to attend with Lyric being a puppy. I was so glad that we did.

The show was in a lovely location, good facilities and a large and fairly level ring to show the dogs in.  Lyric won her puppy class and I had had a bit of a mad moment when completing the entries and entered her in 'Graduate', an adult class. She was an absolute star and won this class too! She then went on to win Best Puppy in Show.

Trio was entered in Open bitch, and she had a 3rd place, she went the best I've seen her go in ages - clearly enjoying being in a lovely big ring.  She also won the special bred by exhibitor class, and had a 2nd in the brace alongside Lyric.

A fabulous weekend, where both girls gave their very best, as usual. They are an absolute pleasure to live with and share time with.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Windsor & Hall Barn Working Test

Last week saw us travelling to Berks to show at Windor Champ Show and take part in the LMC working test.

Travelling up on Thursday gave us a more leisurely start for Windsor show, though it still took us an hour to travel in to the showground from just 15 miles away.  We're certainly not used to the commuter traffic!

The day was forecast to be dry and cloudy, a little different form the blistering heat of the previous year and much more comfortable for the dogs.  It ended up being rather wet though, but not too bad the the in/out rings being put to good use.

NSDTRs were first to be shown out of our two breeds, we had only brought Eve with us.  Tasha handled Cooper to a 3rd in a good open dog class, he really moved in the big ring and looked fantastic.  Eve was unplaced in a big limit bitch class, though she went well for Eleanor which is the main thing.
Eve in the ring at Windsor

LMs started during the judging of the toller bitch classes, so we (Tasha & I) had to dash over the the other ring to organise ourselves.  Tasha was moving Alfie (Ch Raycris Quite the Charmer) in open dog and needed to get a bit of practice in. He really is a big moving boy and needs to go at just the right pace to get the best out of him.  We were delighted when he won the open dog class and the dog CC, especially as he's Lyric's dad.

Lyric was next in, and I had been watching Tasha and Alfie in the ring so hadn't had much of a practice with Lyric. She wasn't the easiest to set up as she was rather fidgety but moved nicely.  She managed a 2nd place to her lovely friend Lilly. Trio then had a 3rd in the open bitch class.
Lyric in the ring

As we were staying over at Hall Barn we were in no rush to get home, so were able to stay and watch the group judging. It's so nice to be able to support your breeds in the group rings, and it was a joy to see the LM BOB, Freya being shortlisted in the group.

Saturday gave us a relaxing day, a sunny day with a few showers but plenty of opportunity to have some practice with Lyric for the working test on the next day.
Some play time on Saturday

And a spot of tree climbing

So lucky to have the beautiful estate to enjoy for the weekend.

Some lovely daddy & daughter time for Alfie & Lyric

Tasha and Trio having a go at the one of the novice retrieve tests from last years test. Neither were competing just having a go.

Lyric - the lady in the lake - showing that she does pick up in water!

Sunday then saw us competing with Lyric in the working test, the 2nd one for both of us.  Again there was support from fellow LMs and their handlers which made it so much more pleasurable.

Again the day was broken down into the four parts, and again we started with the hunting. Once again I was full of apprehension about this, and also worried about everyone seeing out poor attempts at it. I was so relieved to find that we had a piece of ground to hunt that appeared to be just out of sight of the other handlers!

I started off by telling the judge that this wasn't our forte in life! Poor Lyric then went off to really have a go at it, I let her down by being a bit slow and not pushing her out into the hedgerows.  We scored a 30 /40 for this, such an improvement from the 8/40 in the previous test.

The water was the next test and again Lyric failed to pick up the dummy on the first attempt! This is something that she has no problem with at home and really don't know how to go about remedying the situations. Just more water work I think for now!

The obedience was a bit of mystery, we weren't allowed to observe this until we had completed it,though the handler who was first came to tell us how difficult it was. So we approached this a little apprehensively, thogu she was a little star only losing marks for not giving me the dummy to hand, and circling me rather than coming directly to me. Little monkey!

The last test was the retrieve, and this really was our undoing as it was a seen and blind retrieve. Poor girl hasn't done any blind retrieve work, so I was incredibly nervous going into this. She marked the seen dummy well, but it had bounced off the spot and then she paniced when she couldn't find it where she expected and I had to help her. As expected she didn't really know what I wanted from the blind, but with a bit of help did find it.  So proud of my 9 month old competing with others who were at the upper limit of 18 months. The score climbed from the bottom to around the middle of the scores this time, such good progress.

Rather late leaving, we didn't leave until after 6.00pm and arrived home just after 1A1.00pm. A long and tiring weekend, but such good fun.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

An Introduction to Gundog Working Tests

Recently we took a small step in to the unknown - Working Tests!

After helping out at the Hall Barn Working Test, which was run by the Large Munsterlander Club we were keen to have a go with Lyric (even before she was a reality!). The main difficulty that we've encountered was that there is no HPR training in our area. Thanks to the input of many friends we have been able to undertake some training, though lacking the confidence of knowing whether we were really getting it correct.

We were informed that the LHPA were holding a WT near Malmesbury in Wilts in June, so took the plunge and entered. No one knew that we were attending, it was much easier with no questions or feeling of pressure that way.  So we arrived last Sunday to a rather wet field on an estate in Wilts, with the intention of having a bit of fun and learning lots.

Lyric was entered in the puppy WT, this is classified as for pups between 6 -18 months of age, and a huge class of 18 puppies.

A puppy WT is broken down in to 4 parts; hunting;obedience;seen retrieve & water retrieve. The hunting is scored out of 40 and the other parts worth 20 each.

Hunting has been our nemesis, an area that I have no experience in even though we've had a HPR breed for a number of years.  Lyric is also quite a mummy's girl and needs to take herself further away from me, this is coming as she gets more confident, but is taking some time. The other parts I thought might be ok. She is very keen to retrieve, so thought that she might not do so well in the obedience, depending on how distracted she became. I thought that the seen and water retrieve would be her more confident elements.

Hunting - well she did hunt, she worked away from me for some of this but struggled at times to find any scent on the very light breeze.  She stopped on the stop whistle, something we haven't done much with and then recalled quickly to me. I was so pleased with how she had gone for me, not a high score, but not a 0 as I thought she might have got on this element.

Seen retrieve - The puppy's were expected to to sit quietly off lead whilst a dummy was thrown about 20 metres ahead of us.  The dummy thrower was hidden in a fir tree and the dummy was thrown out to the side of  but under the canopy of a large tree opposite.  The dummy was in a slight dip and in shadow, this caused a lot of confusion for a number of the pups as they couldn't 'mark' where it had dropped. Lyric's problem was that she didn't see it being thrown at all, there was a pile of dummy's to the side of her which she was so focused on that she didn't see the dummy thrown or land.  We haven't worked on any 'blind' retrieves yet with her, and so it was almost impossible to send her out to it. With a lot of assistance she managed to find it, but were heavily penalised as a result.

Obedience - The pups were asked to heel alongside their handler from one flag to the next. At the second flag they had to sit whilst the handler carried on to the third flag where a dummy as thrown out, the flags being about 15-20 metres apart. The handler then returned to the dog, and carried on past it to the starting position where the dog was recalled. When the dog had settled they were then sent out to retrieve the dummy and return to the handler.  Lyric tried so hard on this test, and was a bit let down by me and my lack of knowledge on how this was to be marked.  Lyric broke the sit when I first left her on the second flag, I had only given one command expecting to be penalised for additional commands if I used them.  I knew when she broke the sit that she wasn't feeling confident so from that point on I used lots of additional commands and praise. She then completed the rest of the test really well,

Water retrieve - The dogs were sat on the bank of a small lake with a shallow entry, a dummy was thrown and when instructed were then sent out to retrieve and bring back.  This I thought would be Lyric in her element, she loves water and is confident - the only issue that might pose a problem would be her keenness and she would go before instructed.  Bless her, she went when asked, confidently entered the water and swam out to the dummy. She then nudged it with her nose and turned to come back, after a bit of time on the bank where she tried to bring back some sticks I managed to send her back out to the dummy which was now much further away as it drifted. She did exactly the same again! The judge was as dumbfounded as I was and suggested that I threw in my own dummy, She retrieved her own dummy perfectly! Really don't know why she had any issue with this, she had previously retrieved a mix of other dummy's in the other parts of the test.

We didn't score 0 in any part, which was fantastic and we weren't last either! Lots of things to work on, but what a fun day we had.  Such a great introduction to the world of WTs, all helped by our fabulous judge who was so encouraging and the others competitors especially the other LM who were present.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Birmingham National Champ Show

Thursday, the first day of the four day show was gundog day. Being a school day, I travelled up alone, something that I haven't done in a long time.  The travelling wasn't too different as the girls tend to listen to their own music, so they're not great company really on a long drive. I did miss then once we arrived and realised how well we all work together.  Great help though was provided by Coopers parents, which was really appreciated.  The weather was sunny, and hot! What a contrast to Aberystwyth show on Monday.

Only two of our dogs entered, Lyric (Seahaven Limited Edition) and Eve (Seahaven Parish Bell), with the two breeds being miles apart.

Eve was first in, in a large Limit Bitch class and poor girl was rushed from her crate into the ring without much chance of a leg stretch.  After a lot of deliberation by the judge (Frank Kane) she was awarded 2nd place. I was delighted with this result  and even more so when he called me over to say what a lovely well balance girl she was and told me to get some weight off her! Think we'll have to have Eleanor doing some more running with her!

Judging of LMs had now started so, I very quickly took Lyric off to the LM ring where she was entered in Minor Puppy (for pups 6-9 months). She was the only one entered, and just hoped that she would go nicely and enjoy herself. Her time in the ring was short, and it would have been nice to have had some company for her to get used to others being in the ring with her, particularly when moving together. As she won the class we had to wait for the final line up of all of the unbeaten bitches, not expecting her to gain anything else, but best puppy bitch needed to be awarded. So she then competed with the winner of the puppy bitch class (6-12 months), we were astonished to be awarded best puppy bitch. We then had to wait until best of breed had been declared, which was won by the lovely Tia. Again we didn't expect to win against an older male puppy who is much more mature, but she did.

Our gorgeous girl had her champ show BPIB and got to strut her stuff in the group ring. Nothing in the group, but she got to make friends with some lovely puppies. Her friend NSDTR Betty was in the group too, so a great opportunity for them to have a play before judging commenced.

Thanks to Mandy Tordoff for this fabulous photo of Lyric in the ring

Friday, 6 May 2016

Aberystwyth Open Show

Bank holiday Monday saw us travelling to Aberystwyth for an open show offering both of our breeds, classes.

This has always been a favourite show of the year, large outdoor rings, good judges, lovely atmosphere, and usually good weather. Sadly the weather wasn't in our favour, and gundog judging was moved indoors for the duration of the show.

The girls had a 3rd and 4th in both handling classes, Tasha borrowed Cooper who went beautifully for her in the rather limited space offered in the ring.

Breed judging;


1st Seahaven Galactic Storm (Cooper) Group four in the gundog group
2nd Seahaven Gloriana (Bron)
3rd Seahaven Parish Bell (Eve)
4th Dinaskarrek's Red Vixen at Seahaven (Tilly) Group two gundog group veteran

Large Munsterlander


1st Paddockridge Madelaine at Seahaven (Maddie) and Group one gundog group veteran
2nd Seahaven Limited Edition Group two in the gundog puppy group


2nd Seahaven Borrowed Heaven (Trio)

Absolutley delighted with how all of the dogs went, we stopped on the way home to give them a run on the Preselli's which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Cooper's Story

Donna has told the story about the remarkable day for Seahaven at the Toller Championship Show on 20 March. I'd just like to add some thoughts from my own angle - after all, it was my sisters and me, and of course, Mammy Tilly, that brought the prizes home.

I have to say I'm beginning to feel like a man in a woman's world. The storyline has in it Donna, Natasha, Eleanor, Dawn (my owner), Tilly, Eve, Tegan (and her owner, Janice Russell), and the judge on the day, Elaine Whitehill. Then there's me - the only male.  Oh, I forgot - my driver, Dad. It's a good job I get to spend a lot of time doing men things with him in the week.

Anyway, back to the important points. I'd like to specially thank Natasha for getting the very best out of me. I am delighted it all worked out so well, and I'll do anything for that gorgeous livercake. I'm sure it won't be the last time we team up. In fact I'd like to thank EVERYONE who has ever had any input into my training and development - way too many to mention but you all know who you are. I'm also delighted for the brilliant performance of half-sister Tegan, and younger sister Eve who with Eleanor achieved something amazing for one so young. Tegan's even younger, of course - I'm beginning to feel like a pensioner!

There won't have been many occasions in show history where in a Championship Breed Show a breeder sees one of her dogs and bitches going up against each other for Best in Show - then on top of that both handled by the daughters of the breeder. In fact - it's probably unique. Just imagine how Donna felt. In fact have a look at how excited she was when Eve got Best Bitch and Tegan Reserve Best Bitch - that alone is quite incredible.

Look how cool my Mam looks though. Takes it all in her stride that one.

Anyway, enough of the talk - let's have a gawk. Here's some of the snaps from the day.

Eleanor concentrating hard
Me and Natasha
The Two Sisters

Tilly's Tollers

The Best in Show Line Up
A very proud handler and owner
The day's haul

The stunning Brizewood Trophy for Best in Show - very heavy, very beautiful. A great honour and I keep it for a year.

NSDTR Club Champ Show

Wow, wow, wow!!! What a day!!!!

Tilly with her successful brood!

The Club show is one of the shows that we travel the furthest to, Thankfully it has a later start of 11am which makes it all that more bearable, especially as it is so close after Crufts.

Tasha was handling Cooper (Seahaven Galactic Storm) so we needed to be there in time for Open Dog, which we managed to do in good time.  Cooper went like a dream in the class, competing against some lovely dogs - and his first time in an Open class at a champ show.  When he won the class we were all speachless, Dawn and Gerald, his owners were thrilled.  It wasn't long before he was back in the ring to compete against the unbeaten dogs for the award of Best Dog.  Dawn and I sat and contemplated the line up, not believing that he would be awarded the CC and Best Dog award.  After what seemed like several nail biting minutes for breed specialist judge Elaine Whitehill to decide, she finally moves towards Cooper and handed the rosette to Tasha. This was Cooper's first CC, and we were all so delighted.

Cooper couldn't rest yet! Tasha was handling him in the Junior Handling class which was held over the lunch break, Eleanor was also competing with Tilly, the first time in ages that Tilly has been used for JH.  They both worked the dogs really well, Tilly was so excited to be in a show that she didn't really concentrate for Eleanor, but it was lovely to see her enjoying herself. Tasha won, with Eleanor second, Tasha then beating the other winners to be awarded best handler in show.
with judge E.Whitehill

After a little break the bitch classes started.  Tilly was in first competing in Veteran Bitch, she was awarded a 3rd in a really strong class.

Tegan (Seahaven Bewitched by Cedarlake) was also there and entered in Junior and Yearling Bitch classes.  At only 17 months, so only just into Junior, she won, and then won Yearling too!

Eve (Seahaven Parish Bell) was competing in Limit, with one of the biggest entries of the day. Again a really lovely class and she went beautifully for Eleanor and won the class. Again, we were all so thrilled with the result. She still needed to go in the Special Working Bitch class, and again she won the class.  This then meant that she could contest for Best Bitch as she was unbeaten. 

It was lovely to see both Eve and Tegan in the bitch line up, and we really didn't expect anything else - we had had such a wonderful day anyway.  

Well it didn't stop there!  Eve, again after a lot of consideration from Judge Elaine Whitehill awarded Eve the CC and Best Bitch award.  The excitement continued when Tegan was awarded the Reserve CC, such an achievement at such a young age.

Eve with all of her awards

The girls - Tasha handling Cooper, and Eleanor  handling Eve then had to compete against each other for BIS to be awarded.  After a lot of moving them around the ring the award went to Cooper.

What we achieved I doubt that we will ever achieve again, such a special day.  All thanks go to Tilly (Dinaskarrek's Red Vixen at Seahaven) who is the very, very proud mum of these dogs.  Each litter represented and all such lovely examples of the breed.
Tasha & Cooper with his very proud owners!

Huge thanks go to the club and hard working committee, who put in so much hard work both on the day and prior (and after!) the show to make it a success.  Also thanks to those that support us, owners and friends - we've had numerous messages congratulating us and sharing in our good news.  But special thanks to our lovely dogs for being such lovely family members.