Sunday, 27 September 2015

Congratulations To Eve (Seahaven Parish Bell)

We finally received Eve's stud book number certificate from the KC this week.  It is so lovely to have it officially now, now need to shop around for a certificate frame for it.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pembrey Munster Meet

On Wednesday we attended a Munster meet with some old and new friends.  In total there were 10 dogs along with members of their families. The dogs enjoyed a great walk through the forest, swim in the lake and a trip to the beach - all in one walk, the joy of Pembrey.

We only took Maddie along, did think about taking the tollers but decided to have some me time with Maddie instead.  It was so lovely to have her on her own, she really is a joy to have around and I think she enjoyed her special day.

All posing for the camera

When the dogs were released from their photoshoot.  Both Ella (sat left & Maddie sat right) wait patiently for their release command - such good girls!