Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Bit of Training

Just thought I'd add a short video of Rookie doing some distraction training around my dogs recently. These were the "best bits" of a 6 min session. Sorry the quality isn't great! He is 15 months now and just starting to get the hang of those long, gangly legs. We are really enjoying our training and looking forward to getting back to the obedience shows in a couple of weeks to see if plans to compete by the end of the year are realistic!


Rookie is also the proud new owner of a Good Citizen's Bronze award. He sat the test on Wednesday and surpassed my expectations in a strange new hall with dogs he'd never met (he has a new girlfriend, a Rottweiler called Frieda). Love my happy Mr. Confident!

Looking proud

 Congratulations to everyone on your success at WELKS, a fab day for Seahaven dogs!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Cooper does WELKS and the next day fights the biggest ball ever!

A big HELLO again from Cooper.

Yesterday I went to Malvern for the WELKS dog show.  Donna's given you the show results but I've attached a few photos from the day.  It was a long wait for me to go into the ring - five hours - but though tired I was better behaved than last time and didn't jump on anyone.

But first I've got to tell you about a real scare I had before showing.  To break up the day my dad would walk me around the showground to see all the fantastic dogs there. The last walk before showing he walked me into a big marquee - Tent 1 - where all the Irish Setters were benched after being shown. As we walked along the aisles of Setters a HUGE gust of wind blew up and the canvas roof suddenly flapped and banged like a bomb going off.  My ears went back to my tail, my tail curled under to my chest and my bum hit the floor as I dragged my Dad out of that tent as if my life depended on it.  The noise and my terror obviously communicated itself to the Setters because to a dog, every Setter hung off their bench barking like hounds possessed, and trying to get at me.  It was one of the scariest moments I've had as I ran that gauntlet but I soon got outside and was safe again.  What an adventure!

I was shattered when I got home but after a good sleep overnight and a really long walk the next morning, my Dad decided to clean out his shed as part of a revamp of the back garden to keep me away from some of the shrubs and plants.  And guess what rolled out - the biggest ball ever!  I thought it might swallow me up if I let it so decided to get my retaliation in first.  I barked at it, tried to bite it, butted it and pushed it - but try as I might I couldn't burst it.  But I reckon it's one of the best toys ever and I can't wait until it comes out again.

Video 1

Video 2


A long but worth while day at WELKS this year.  LMs were in at the beginning of the day, and thankfully the rain held off until the end of the judging.  Thankfully all safely packed away before the giant hailstones decended on us, we were grateful for the large umbrellas around the food area for some shelter from this!  However NSDTRs didn't get into the ring until about 4pm!

Morry, Seahaven Celtic Psalm won his junior class.  Thanks Kathryn for bringing him along, hope you'll do some more shows with this promissing young man!

Megane, Seahaven Celtic Cariad had a reserve in junior. Again thanks for bringing her Hazel & David, keep up the good work and look forward to seeing her again this year.

Maddie, Paddockridge Madelaine at Seahaven, had a 2nd in limit.

Sadly Trio was unplaced in PG, but she looked lovely in a strong class.  Best bitch came from this class, which shows the quality of the dogs in it.

We hadn't entered the NSDTR classes but wanted to watch and offer support to Cooper who was exhibiting.

Cooper, Seahaven Galatic Storm was 2nd in PG, his fist time with the big boys and really pleased to see him maturing in body and spirit in the ring.  The hard work and practice is now paying off, well done Dawn and Gerald for perservering.

It was great to catch up with everyone, and looking forward to seeing more of you are the show season gets underway.

Sorry no pics, but I'm sure someone might post a few!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Puppy Fluff is going....

The Puppy fluff is fast disappearing now and Bron is rapidly growing her adult coat. Her baby teeth are also falling out and making way for big teeth, tonight while she was having a chew on my sleeve I counted 8 1/2 new teeth at the front already!  A couple of days ago she only had two new ones - they appear just like magic!

Here she is pictured with Toby in the park last week, the oldest and the youngest members of the gang - Toby was 11 in January although he doesn't think he is 11 just yet, he likes to think he is still a young 'un despite being quite grey around the face and being a bit of an old grumpy knickers!  He has come to like Bron now she is bigger and he can play rough with her! Also he knows that when we go walkies with Bron there's always food in my pocket so he likes that too!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pembrey Toller Meet

Yesterday we had a toller meet, mainly to meet up with the puppies that stayed in Wales, but older brother Cooper joined in the fun, as did the munsters.

Sadly Jane couldn't join us with Bron, but it was great to see Sox and Eve meet up again, and to catch up with Christopher and his family.  Eve very clearly told Sox that she was in charge of things, but he soon decided that he would join in with her.

We started by allowing the puppies to have some fun and a quick walk with the tollers (Tilly & Cooper).  A quick refresh back at the cars and a bit of training for all of the dogs, and then a spot of luch for the humans.

After lunch the pups were given a rest in the cars, kindly watched over by Christopher's mum who stayed with them in the cars whilst we took the 'big' dogs on a lovely walk through the forest and then onto the beach.

A great day was had by all, thanks for coming along, and thanks for the pics from Gerald (hope Dawn is feeling better).

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Eve has a playdate

Today Ianto a 12 week old Field Spaniel belonging to our good friend Jan came to visit.  Eve and Ianto are in the same puppy class at Barnlake and will see each other at shows in the future. 

Eve had a great time, was a bit bossy and noisy at times and Ianto was giving as good as he was getting by the time it was time for home.  Eve is now sleeping soundly after all of the excitement and is dreaming of meeting her brother and sister at the meet tomorrow!

At 16 weeks Eve weighs in at a whooping 9.6 kg!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Happy Birthday Trio

Today Trio (Seahaven Borrowed Heaven) celebrates her 4th birthday along with her litter brothers and sisters!

She continues to be a pleasure to live with and is Tasha's shadow, wherever one is, the other will be found!

She has enjoyed a lovely walk in the Preseli's where she managed to find a pond for a swim, her favourite passtime even in the cold weather.  Now enjoying a quiet afternoon with a birthday treat or two.

Birthday wishes to all celebrating today, hope you're all being spoilt rotten.