Monday, 26 August 2013

Cooper goes to West Country Dog Club Show

Bank Holiday Monday!  And normally Mam and Dad wouldn't go anywhere near the M4, but we were all too tempted by the above show in Thornbury Leisure Centre. Why?  Because there were Toller breed classes, with nine tollers entered into Post Grad and Open.

Got there with no problem as all the traffic was travelling westwards into Wales.  And what a great venue for a show.  Motorway to within a few miles, loads of car parking space, open public fields and woods backing onto the Centre, and the space inside for show rings and seating facilities was amazing - better in fact than many of the Championship Shows I've been to.  It was really well run by the organising club who deserve to be warmly congratulated!  If you get a chance, do this show!

I was entered in Post Graduate and this time had not made the mistake of doubling up into the other category (Open) as well.  Dad thought he might get away with watching me this time because there was screen partitioning around the ring, but I saw him!  During the first trot around I started jumping at Mam to take me to Dad, but she won't have any messing - from me or him!  She shortened my lead and spoke sternly to me and indicated to him to duck below the partitioning.  Poor Dad - he does all the driving and has hardly ever seen me in the ring.

The lady judge gave me first place - Mam was delighted!  Left the ring for Open Dog to be judged.  Then back in before I even had chance to lie down after the effort, then me and the Open winner were judged for best of breed.  And she picked me again! To celebrate, Mam bought me a big bag of liver cake.  I really love this treat and have scoffed half the bag already - but it's not as nice as Donna's - they say there's no cooking like home cooking.  That's something else for Crufts for Donna to bring along!

Post Grad winners - look at those showrings!
Yum, yum - liver cake!
I came nowhere in the group judging later on (much later) but hey, it was all good experience for the both of us.  Then a run through the fields and woods to chill out, back to the M4 and a really quick trip back, where we felt sorry for all those in the massive queues now heading out of Wales - apologies if you were sat in it, but I could see why normally Mam and Dad are so careful about venturing out on Bank Holiday Mondays.

No shows until mid-October now.  Could do with putting my feet up, to be honest!

So, all the best for now,



Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pembs County Show Cont. And WKC

It's almost a week since PCS finished last Thursday, but we went straight to WKC on Thursday evening, so not giving me much time to update the blog.

Tuesday, was the open show and then we had two days of agility.  Maddie and Trio again were fab, even if Trio was pretty shattered on the Thursday and was struggling to complete the rounds in time.  Maddie came away with a 4th and 11th in agility and they both came away with a handful of Clear Round rosettes from both days.  Eleanor had borrrowed my parents dog Kizzy for the junior class on Thursday, which they won! 

We left the show on Thursday afternoon, not waiting for the results (Thanks to Carolyn for bringing our rosettes to WKC!!) hitched up the caravan and headed for Builth Wells.

Thankfully we arrived in good time and managed to get set up before the rain started, the YKC team braved the rain to put on the BBQ where we introduced ourselves before heading to bed.  Thankfully we had managed to pitch right by the YKC rings so didn't have far to travel.

After a night of heavy rain the sun appeared for the 9.00 am start of the activity weekend and stayed all day.  The children had 4 training sessions spread out throughout the day, and were able to nip back to the caravan to refresh themselves and change dogs.  They kept a list each day of who was having who, and for what activity this also helped that I didn't wander off with a dog that was needed!

WKC activities

The fab four

At the end of the day the YKC team organised some team activities in the ring, a bit of football and rounders and others.  This was great fun to watch and all of the children had lots of fun, this gave the parents to mix as well.  The obedience trainer asked if I knew Jess and Rookie, being as we had munsters and was delighted to inform her that we had Rookies family.  She had judged Jess with Teak a few weeks ago at Bath (and she won!!).  We also chatted to another trainer who helped with the agility who is interested in munsters for search and rescue, they must have made a good impression - or it could have been Maddie scenting me when I went to spy on Eleanor doing agility with her!

Saturday was another day of training, but with a few competitions as well.  Both girls had entered the handling competition with Eleanor being placed and Tasha being shortlisted in huge classes.

Sunday is always Gundog day at WKC and again looked like the weather would hold out for us.  It was an early start as the girls were taking part in the obedience comp, and the stays were at 9.00am.  I took the munsters over the agility for 8.30 and managed to get them into their classe before heading back to the breed rings.  Trio had a clear round but was just out of time, Maddie was eliminated due to poor handling on my part!

The girls both managed to get their stays completed early both being clear, sadly Tasha was marked down as she had forgotten to take the treats out of her pocket.  Eleanor then had a good round with Eve finishing 6th, not bad for a 10 year old with a 8 month puppy!  Tasha didn't manage to make her round as it clashed with the breed judging.

I got Trio ready for the breed class whilst Tasha changed ready to show her (thank goodness for having the caravan so close!) and then straight into breed.  She was entered in PGB the biggest class of the day for the breed and came 2nd. So very pleased for them both as they have worked so hard getting Trio to enjoy being in the ring.





And a tumble of tollers!

The girls then took the munsters back over to the agility and I headed to the NSDTR ring with Eve.  We had quite a crowd of Seahaven's with us and it was great to sit around the ring and catch up with everyone.  The time flew by and it was great to relax and watch for a change.  Eve had a 3rd in puppy bitch class -  and has now qualified for Crufts 2014!  She was also entered in Junior, a class I forgot and nearly missed going in.  She was placed 2nd in this, a result I was thrilled with and didn't expect.
As we had 4 dogs entered that we had bred, we were able to put a team together for the KC breeders competition.  We won the breed class and would have to stay until the 4 O'Clock for the final. 

We took all of the dogs back to the caravan to have a mini celebration (final results at the botttom of the page) and allow the dogs to have a good run and play in the enclosed ring which the YKC had now vacated. 

Sadly the judge was late for the Breeders final and the dogs (and handlers) were pretty tired, but they did pull it off to win and have their photo taken for the Ours Dogs newspaper. 

Thankfully we didn't have to pack the caravan up as we were booked to stay until the following day so we got to enjoy a nice walks along the river with the dogs on the Monday before packing up and heading home after a fab week.

Large Munsterlanders

 2nd Post Grad Bitch - Seahaven Borrowed Heaven (Trio)


3rd Post Grad Dog - Seahaven Galatic Storm (Cooper)
1st Post Grad Bitch - Seahaven Red Andromeda (Milly)
2nd Limit Bitch - Seahaven Red Andromeda (Milly)
3rd Puppy Bitch - Seahaven Parish Bell (Eve)
Res Puppy Bitch - Seahaven Gloriana (Bron)
2nd Junior Bitch - Seahaven Parish Bell (Eve)

It's going to be quite a party at Crufts next year!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Pembrokeshire County Show - Open Dog Show

Today was the open dog show part of the Pembrokeshire County show, our local agricultural show held over a three day period.  It's great to have this on our doorstep, a ten minute drive is such a change from our usual trips to shows!

It was a busy day as the LM class led straight intot the AVNSC Gundog classes, sadly no breed classes for the tollers but hope to have a class next year.

A good entry in the LM open class with Jan Griffiths Ella taking 1st and BOB, Trio was second and Maddie third.  Anne Gamages two girls then were 4th and 5th.  It great to have such a good entry for an open show and good company from others in the breed.

Then straight in to the AVNSC Graduate class, at this point I had lost both Tasha and Eleanor with the Munsters as they were needed to run in an agility class at the other end of the showground.  The swap was quite hard on the puppies, as they had had to wait in their crates and then suddenly whisked into the ring!

Eve was entered into this class along with her brother Sox, Katie Gamage kindly volunteered her services to help me in the ring as I had promised Christopher that I would handle Sox in the ring for him.  Cooper was also entered in this class, which he won, Eve then came in 4th and took the best AVNSC Gundog puppy!  Sox moved beautifully for me but wasn't happy being gone over by the judge, but such a lovely boy.

Jane had Bron (Eve's sister) entered in the AV Gundog Puppy class, which she won!! So Two Seahaven Tollers in the Gundog Puppy Group.  Eve, bless her took Group 3 in this!!  So very proud of this little lady who is maturing so nicely, Bron you were cheated!! Not bad for two pups who are only 7 months old.

The girls were then busy getting ready for the JHA and YKC handling classes where they were both 2nd in the YKC and Eleanor had a 2nd in the JHA with Tasha gaining a 3rd. 

Tasha and Eleanor both gained clear rounds in their agility classes, so a great but rather busy day.
Eleanor putting in some practice, with our group in the background.

Eve showing off her Best AVNSC Gundog puppy and Group 3 rosettes.

The dogs and their spoils!


Saturday, 10 August 2013

12 Months On

Rookie's first show was Paignton Champ show last year. So 12 months on, I thought it would be nice to reflect on his achievements. Rookie (Seahaven's Celtic Commander) has attended 12 shows, 3 of which were champ shows where he has achieved two wins and a second place. The only open show where we had a breed class he achieved BOB, and he has also taken best AVNSC puppy. I have never shown a dog before, but when he surprised me by qualifying for Crufts at his first show I thought I had better get to a few shows to prepare us both!! 
He also gained his good citizens bronze and silver awards (hard to believe if you've met him but I promise the madness is controllable- most of the time!!)

Things will slow down considerably on the breed side now, we will do three or four shows a year, because it's time to shift the focus to his obedience shows and working trials. Obedience is coming on really nicely, and I am confident that we can hit the show scene 2014 ready and raring to go! We may get a couple of training rounds in this year but the obedience show season is nearly at an end. Working trials training is just about to really get into swing.

I am seeing a big change in his character just lately, he is maturing day by day (now 18 months old) and I am loving what I am seeing more and more.

Rookie looking proud
Of course Rookie primarily came into my life as a pet and family member, which he completely excels at! If only they gave CCs for comedy, my boy would be a Champion <3 Rookie always puts 100% of his big monster heart into everything, whether it's heelwork, rolling in a muddy puddle, or cuddling up with me on the sofa. 

The whole crew
Really looking forward to the Seahaven party of Crufts 2014, think it's getting so big we'll have to book out the Hilton!! ;)

Jess and Rookie x

Friday, 9 August 2013

Paignton Champ Show

We all had a mini break (well us girls anyway!) at Paington Champs Show arriving last Thursday and getting back home on Wednesday.  Conditions were a lot better than last year, and the sun managed to make an appearance on most days, some showers on others and one night of thunder and lightening.  We didn't need to be towed off this year thank goodness!

Gundog day was on the Saturday, so Friday was a nice quiet day to organise ourselves and have a trip out to the river to give the dogs a run and swim.
 The dogs enjoying the river Exe.

Saturday dawned bright and early for us, as we had one agility run in the morning before Junior Handling for the girls.  Munsters were to be judged before the Tollers, but it still took an age to get in the ring!  Jess had brought Rookie along, and Carol had brought Libby along for the puppy class.  It was great to catch up with Jess and Carol and to see how these two gorgeous dogs are developing.  Libby has never been shown before and so it was a crash course on how to behave in the ring, Carol had been putting some practice, and Libby was very happy with the judge approaching her!

Libby (Seahaven Olympic Vindicat) 1st LM puppy bitch
Trio (Seahaven Borrowed Heaven) 2nd Post Grad bitch
Maddie (Paddockridge Madelaine at Seahaven) Res Limit bitch
Rookie (Seahaven Celtic Commander) 2nd  Post Grad dog

Tollers were in the ring quite late and by this time Eve was looking rather flat!  This is the first time that she has been away from home with us in the caravan, and I don't think she'd had much sleep with the excitement!  She stacked really well for Eleanor but still looked flat on the move, bit more practice for WKC I think.  Tilly as usual was her reliable good self, what a lovely dog this girlie is.

Eve (Seahaven Parish Bell) Res Puppy bitch & 2nd in Junior bitch
Tilly (Dinaskarrek's Red Vixen at Seahaven) 2nd Open bitch

The Seahaven LMs
L-R Rookie, Maddie, Trio & Libby

Trio in the agility

The girls with their Paignton collection
The following three days were agility, so were pretty much action packed.  We did however manage to get to the arena to watch the group judging and then BIS on Sunday afternoon.

We managed between to come away with several unplaced clear round rosettes and Maddie won the Agility on the Monday, and was second in the agility on the Tuesday.  So she now moves up a grade!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Cooper and Milly at National Gun Dog, 4 August

For once Tollers were being judged early.  The weather forecast was grim but our breed were first in. To ensure we found our way Mam and Dad had finally started to embrace the modern world and had put a Sat Nav in the car.  Straight into the Malvern showground - no problem!  Think that's money well spent Mam, 'cos Dad was surprisingly chilled out. Better than a valium I reckon!

All us tollers started gathering around the outdoor ring ready for the judging at 9am.  LOOK MAM - THERE'S MILLY (Seahaven Red Andromeda)!!  Lucy had got a seat outside and we joined her and my lovely sister.  We clicked straight away - bit of pawing, bit of nuzzling - pity there's a show because we would have played all day I reckon. Weather was still dry but looking ominous as the veterans and then younger dogs went in. Then it was my turn.  Dad disappeared in to the sheds, Mam took me in.  Only a small class (Graduate) but I was picked out first by the lady judge.

Graduate Class

Next class was about to start but even though I was entered we mistakenly thought I could withdraw and go on to the unbeaten line-up later in the show.  We were soon corrected by the judge and competitors.  No way, Cooper, you drag yourself into that ring again and fight it out with the bigger boys in the Post Graduate. Bigger and therefore tougher class, but chuffed to bits with a second place - both results being my best in Championship Shows.  The ring was as rough as Bryncoch Rugby Field, but the same for all of us - perhaps I had an advantage because I know the rugby field well!

Post Graduate
 Milly was entered into several classes too, and was hoping to be placed to win a slot at Crufts.  And by the time the girl tollers went into the ring, the promised deluge arrived.  The heavens opened up and handlers were given the chance to go inside - but they chose to brave it!  Lucy borrowed Mam's waterproof coat and got stuck in - my poor sister Milly had just the fur she was born in!  And again, great results. In Post Graduate and in the Limit Class, both of which were well contested, Milly got Third and achieved her and Lucy's aim of Crufts 2014. There's going to be one heck of a Seahaven party there next year.  Pity we can't all get on a coach and get someone to drive! Get the sparkling wine in, Donna, and don't forget the cocktail sausages - I love 'em!!

I personally missed Milly's triumphs (and therefore the opportunity to get some photos of her, though to be honest we would by then have needed an underwater camera!) because Dad had entered me into Good Citizen - Bronze.  You remember I was the only Seahaven dog to fail this at Windsor as my love for the ladies meant I wouldn't stay put long enough.  But wara teg, Dad and me have been working hard since.  I got the Bronze at last and the judge (nice lady again) told Dad it was the best performance at the Bronze she'd dealt with that day.  It was only 11.30am though - so let's keep it in perspective!!

What a day to celebrate.  And hopefully Lucy and Milly will be at WKC in Builth Wells - 'cos I'll be there - and I hope to see any of you Seahaven dogs that can make it.

All the best for now,



Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Yvie at 1 year old (Seahaven's Olympic Uthopia)

Oddly enough, Uthopia was my favourite of the Olympic horses....!
Yvie made the long journey to the West Coast of Scotland last October and has been such a joyful addition to our lives......
She lives with our 11 year old Munster Tiffin and our 8 year old Jill Russell, Polly, and the three of them have a great time together.
 I hope she will be a working (pet) gundog eventually and so far all is going well - she is going to her first official training day on Sunday with the GSP Club of Scotland. She has to have something in her mouth to greet you with, often several items, and will parade round the kitchen with these for ages - her favourite is a piece of  Polly's Vetbed. She is a great swimmer and has to jump into any bog she can find. She is also very cuddly and loves to sit on your knee. She has her moments - has eaten my mobile phone and my good running shoes and some Nintendo DS games of note so far, and has also picked up the cat and one of my mother's hens  - though not at the same time! Thankfully she has learned that this is not allowed!!!
She has qualified for Crufts so hopefully we'll meet some of her siblings in Birmingham next March? Thank you Donna, Sean and family for letting us have her - I can't imagine life without her - she keeps us all entertained!
Here's to lots of new adventures in her second year of life........ Happy Birthday Yvie et al x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Happy 1st Birthday to the 'Olympic' Litter

I really cannot believe that a whole year has now passed!  This first litter of Trio's is a very special litter for a few reasons.  One is that it was the last litter from Kauto (Ch Raycris Quest for Fame) who is sadly no longer with us.  Secondly due to the fact that we lost some puppies from this litter and it was an enormously emotional time for us all here at Seahaven.

All puppies have had a great year with their new owners, and have made great stides with their new lives.  Some working, some showing and most importantly being well adjusted family members.

Ziggy (Simi) - Seahaven Olympic Cavalier
Eddie (Lewis) - Seahaven's Olympic Valegro
Jake - Seahaven's Olympic Hi Kingdom
Dashka (Dora) - Seahaven Olympic Frolic

Libby (Ivy) - Seahaven Olympic Vindicat

All puppies (or adolsecents now!) are all happy and enjoying a range of activities with their new families.  Some are beginning their gundog training, and some have qualified for Crufts 2014 (Yvie and Libby), but all are happy well adjusted members of families.  We wish you all lots of fun for the coming years and thankyou all for being such a lovely group of people and keeping in touch.
Yvie has ber own page on the blog to celebrate her birthday, with lots more pics.