Monday, 28 January 2013

Busy Weekend

Tasha being awarded 1st for the Junior Handling

Had a great time catching up with Gerald & Dawn (& Cooper), Jane (Jim & Frieda) and our family at Little Haven.  The rain managed to hold off until the dogs had had a decent run around, and all got on famously considering that many of them hadn't met before.  It was lovely to see how Cooper is developing, D & G you're doing a great job!

Off to Cardiff on Sunday for a Show, haven't been out for a while so it did the dogs and the girls good to have some practice.  Out of a strong class of junior handlers, Tasha had a 1st and Eleanor a 3rd, placings that they were both delighted with (and of course we were!).  Eleanor has really grown in confidence and coped well with Maddie who can be a little headstrong at times.  Tasha was thrilled to have her photo taken with the judge and it is hoped that it will make it into a future addition of 'Our Dogs'.

So a very pleasant and enjoyable weekend and a great start to the showing year, just need to keep it up girls!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Happy First Birthday - Celtic Litter

I really don't know where the year has gone, and I'm sure the owners of this fabulous lot will agree.

This is the litter from Maddie (Paddockridge  Madelaine at Seahaven) and Darcy (Blitzan Eternal Chaos).  Again Maddie has produced some great examples of the breed (& Darcy had something to do with it as well), and all have fantastic Munster characters.  We have had some lovely updates over the course of the year and have managed to meet up with some of them at shows during 2012.  Four puppies have been shown at Champ level this year and three have qualified for Crufts 2013.  So S. Celtic Commander, S. Celtic Seren and S. Celtic Psalm will be heading to the NEC in March for a family reunion.  Megan (S. Celtic Cariad) was unfortunate to not qualify as she found herself in a huge class at Richmond (her only show) with some very experienced puppies and handlers.  She did however have a great time in the ring, thoroughly enjoying herself a little bit more than she should have!  Keep perservering Hazel, she's worth it!!

One of the litter is destined for the obedience ring, S. Celtic Commander and Jess has been doing soem excellent work with this character of a boy. 

Sadly one of the puppies came back to us due to a change is circumstances, but he has gone to live with his big brother (Trio's brother) in Chester.  He has settled in well and is a much loved new addition to the household.  All of the puppies have settled and are well adjusted adolescents now, well as well adjusted as munster adoloscents can be.

Hope that you all have a wonderful day, and continue to have fun with these fab young dogs!  Do keep us posted.

Rookie (Batty), Megan (Annie), Fae (Spot), Louis (Alfie), Max (Max), Travis (Splodge)


Rookie, then Max below.

Megan above, Travis below.

Friday, 18 January 2013


 Well the snow arrived, the children were disappointed as the schools have stayed open.  The dogs have really enjoyed the snow and love running around and rolling in it.  Maddie has been perfecting her technique of making snow balls and I think that she might be a big help if the children decide to build a snowman later.
The Munsters enjoying the snow

Maddie making snow balls

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Goodwick Beach

Maddie enjoying a run and swim on Goodwick beach this week.  They all love running across the beach and jumping over or through the breakwaters!  Sadly our club agility show has been postponed from this weekend to a date now in March, this would have been our first outing for a while.  The winter seems to be dragging on at the moment, although the children are looking forward to the prospect of snow tomorrow!  I'm sure that the dogs will enjoy as well!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

And a Happy New Year!

Well we are well and truly into the new year now!  It has been a great break for us as a family, but sadly the weather hasn't quite been what we might of wished for! 

Today has been the first dry day that I can remember, the ground is still very wet and all walks are muddy walks, not that the dogs or children mind in the least.  As the weather has been so poor and the rivers flowing a bit too fast for my liking most of the walks have been on the beach over the Christmas period.  Today as the river levels had dropped we took the dogs down to Sealyham, a favourite walk for all of us, and one that was enjoyed as they haven't been down there for a while.  They got very muddy, Trio even found something delicious to roll in, but we ended with a paddle in the river to clean off!