Thursday, 29 October 2015

Happy First Birthday

Wow, don't know where the year has gone!

The Woody (Ch Trevargh the Entertainer at Brizewood) and Tilly (Dinaskarrek's Red Vixen at Seahaven) pups celebrate their first birthday today.

So what have they all been up to???

Toby - Seahaven Jack O'Lantern (Jack)

Toby has been enjoying his agility training and has now started with the adult classes.  He is enjoying his training classes and has enjoyed some recent trips to the beach with his friends from class.

Now the girls!

Amber - Seahaven's Spell Maker (Spell)

Amber is doing so well, she comes to work with me everyday and Oscar and her are best friends now after a shakey start of him completely ignoring her as a puppy!

Rana - Seahaven Trick or Treat (Foxy)

What a year and what a life changer - did you tell us that?? Haha.  Hasn't all been plain sailing, what with her bite in the stream etc and all the worry, but we've really enjoyed bringing her up and we love her dearly.  She's kept us on our toes, cost us a fortune but not least she's lessened our waistlines! We will be baking her a liver cake for her birthday - well Nick will as he's done it before.

Here are just a few things about her and photo taken today whilst out with the Beagles:

10 things about Rana (no tricks, just treats!)
1. I have beautiful green amber eyes which means I generally get my own way with my humans and every human and every dog is my best friend.  My true best friend is Nelson the black lab - I stay with him sometimes and we play all the time

2  I have crimped ear fur - well a girl has to keep up appearances - everyone admires my ears

3. I'm top of the class at training, but when I get home I can't be bothered with all that - you want the ball, you fetch it

4. I have a penchant for chewing all things soft - like cushions, rugs, my bed and any soft toy you choose to give me I will destroy.  I still have most of my Mummy blanket which is strange! 

5. I'm not too keen on car journeys but if I can put my head under Papa's arm, or out of the window, I'm ok

6.  I walk to heel well now, but still not to be trusted off since 6 months old when I discovered deer, hares and other game to chase and yes, I chase birds as I'm certain I can fly.  I so love my long walks over the fields.

7. I'm so clever and can count up to 2 -  try giving me half a biscuit  - I can trick my humans into doing most things I want them to do so thank you Seahaven, Trick or Treat was a good name and I've lived up to it well

8. I'm supposed to like water! Not sure about that as I walk around puddles and bark at waves on the beach

9. I adore Papa and wait for him to come home every night (I can tell the time you see); Mama's ok at the general walking and feeding stuff (not too bothered about food!) and she always brushes me and keeps my feet clean (well she's a bit house proud)

10. I'm perfect height and weight, so really, a Perfect Ten

Hope my sisters and brother are doing well! 

Fenway - Seahaven Lil Pumpkermon (Pumpkin)

Pippa - Seahaven Magic Spell (Pippi)

Tegan - Seahaven Bewitched by Cedarlake (Buffy)

Tegan has a wonderful nature and loves to play. She qualified for Crufts at her first attempt. She has been doing 'baby' agility in the garden and now she has reached a year old she will start on the proper equipment. She has had lots of fun this summer being an aunty and helping with our own litter.

We have been so lucky to have some wonderful homes for these special pups, and we have been fortunate to catch up with a few over the last year.  We visited Fenway in the summer and enjoyed some special cuddles from her.  We also had cuddles from Tegan and Pippa who we met up with earlier in the year at the National Champ Show.  Both enjoying their first time at a large show and both qualifying for Crufts 2016.  Most importantly though, they are all much loved family members.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Rookie's Been Busy

Just thought I'd send a little update of the things Rookie has been up to!

Retrieving a partridge

The hunting season has begun and we had a fabulous first outing of the year. He was a little wild to begin with as he'd been shut up all morning at an obedience show I was stewarding at, but he settled in nicely and we bagged a cock pheasant and a partridge and were invited back soon. Can't wait to get out again.

Rookie on point

Clambering through the brambles for a bird

Got it!

Rookie- Seahaven's Celtic Commander of Hartenziel, with his prizes.
Last month, Rookie and I also went training for the day with the Bavarian Mountain Hound Society of GB on one of their blood tracking days on deer. It was a brilliant experience; tracking is Rookie's greatest passion in life, even more so than the birdies, so to have a blood track laid for him with an exciting prize at the end is what his dreams are made of! He was in his element and completed the tracks paw perfect. I hope to get back out with them some time as everyone was so friendly and helpful, it was a brilliant day. Not a BMH in sight funnily enough though- just a variety of HPRs!

He's been a little superstar in the show ring- I have somehow finally discovered how to handle him and he has really felt 'the business' for the past few months, very proud of him. I get very nervous showing so I often mess up in the ring, but I'm feeling (slightly) more confident these days.

But as ever he is such a joy to spend the day with at these events anyway; such a happy, friendly soul. In the line of LMs waiting to go in the ring at Cornwall Gundog Club, one of the other munster owners said 'it looks like Rookie's the only one happy to be here!' as the others stood patiently, but bored stiff, and Rookie's tail was going ten to the dozen. "Are we nearly at the bit where the person smooshes my face and I get to run in my best triangle?" :) Funny boy.

Exeter 1st in AVNSC, Cornwall Gundog Club 1st in LM Open and BOB, Liskeard 1st in AVNSC, Tavistock 1st in AVNSC. Just thought I'd update before the winning streak was over- haha.

At home, well we have not long finished two long dogsitting stints. One with three lovely dogs and two troublesome cats- that was.... interesting!! And then back to Rookie's best friend in the whole world- Alfie the labrador and his sister. A month away, we are pleased to be home.
Rookie passed an eye test earlier this month. He is fit as a fiddle and such a strong boy, really maturing physically. I can't believe they'll be 4 years old next year.

Rookie and Alfie

Rookie and my friend's lab puppy, just because it's cute.

Hope everyone is enjoying crispy, sunny autumn days. And we are also so thrilled to see little Lyric thriving, can't wait to meet her; one very special girl.

Jess and Rookie

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Please Help To Find Rio

Please help to find and reunite Rio with her family.  Sadly she was lost yesterday (16/10/15) on Wimbledon Common, after chasing after something near the pond, she didn't return as expected and couldn't be found.

She is a neutered bitch, orange/red with white paws and has a friendly outgoing nature.  She is microchipped and very much missed by her family.

Please share far and wide - below is the dog lost poster for her.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

South Wales Kennel Association & Gundog Society of Wales Champ Shows

After a period of time at home we had two shows in one week!

Last Sunday saw us travel to Builth Wells, for SWKA champ show, no CCs on offer for either breed but a lovely day out in great company.  We had decided to give Eve a bit of time out from the breed ring, but as Eleanor wanted to use her for junior handling she was entered in the YKC members stakes.

SWKA Results

Large Munsterlanders

Paddockridge Madelaine at Seahaven (Maddie) 3rd in both PGB and Open.


Dinaskarrek Red Vixen at Seahaven (Tilly) 1st in Open
Seahaven Galactic Storm at Walalowe (Cooper) res in Open
Seahaven Gloriana (Bron) 2nd in PGB

Seahaven Parish Bell (Eve) Res in the YKC stakes.


Large Munsterlanders

Paddockridge Madelaine at Seahaven 3rd Open and 1st Veteran


Dinaskarrek Red Vixen at Seahaven (Tilly) 1st in Veteran & Reserve Best Bitch
Seahaven Galactic Storm at Walalowe (Cooper) 2nd in Open
Seahaven Gloriana (Bron) 2nd in PGB

Seahaven Parish Bell (Eve) 3rd in the YKC stakes.

Tasha 2nd, and Eleanor 3rd in the YKC handling.

Both shows were lovely and gave us the opportunity to catch up with friends, GSoW was lovely as the breed judging was held outdoors in the lovely setting of the 3 Counties Showground.  It was a long old day, leaving home at 6.00 am and not returning until 9.00pm.  The sun shone and Eleanor handled Tilly superbly in the Veteran group, having her first taster of group competition at a champ show.  Tasha partnered Cooper again, and borrowed him for the YKC handling - sadly this was a little rushed and she didn't get the opportunity to wake him up properly first. Tilly and Maddie haven't been shown at any champ shows until this week and have now both qualified to Crufts, the break has done them both good.

Well that is it for us now until Crufts, all of our dogs have qualified which is a huge achievement and we're so very proud of them.  All of the Seahaven dogs that have been shown have also qualified, so we look forward to another family gathering in March.

We hope the weather continues with this current spell of sunshine so that we can get out on some lovely walks and possibly meet up with some of the Seahavens.

Eleanor and the girls having a break

Waiting to go into the group