Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Richmond Champ Show

On Sunday we drove down to Loosely Park, in Surrey for the JHA Semi Finals for which both Tasha and Eleanor had qualified for.  It did mean a rather early start as the girls would be in the ring at 9 am, I was tempted to turn the alarm off at 3am though!

We had a good journey, not many people are mad enough to be on the road at this time of day, and we arrived just before 8 am giving time to change and settle in.  We were greeted by wonderful sunshine that lasted all day, quite a change from most of the shows that we have attended this year. 

Judging started promptly, and all the young handlers looked very smart going into the ring.  Tasha handling Tilly as Trio is on maternity leave, and Eleanore with Maddie.  Both Eleanor and Tasha gave creditable performances, and Tasha was delighted to be short listed.  She gave such a lovely smile when asked to stay in the ring, but sadly wasn't placed.  I was very proud of all of the girls (dogs included!).

Both Tasha and Eleanor really enjoyed the experience, and Richmond really do make the junior feel that it is their day.

Tasha and Tilly (thanks to Nicky friend for this)

Being 'down south' gave us the oppertunity to meet up with the seahaven clan in that area.  We were delighted to catch up with Yoshi, Nutmeg, Megan and their families.  They were all looking fantastic, and coped well with the show conditions, and all of the children!

In the breed classes Tilly gained a VHC in her class, and Maddie gained a 3rd in Limit in the LM classes. 

Nutmeg, Yoshi and Tilly (and child fan club!)

Megan & Maddie
It was a very long day, getting home at 8 pm, but we had a fantastic day.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Happy 1st Birthday part 2

The remaining three.

Congratulations to Milly on her 2nd place today at Birmingham Champ Show, her last puppy class!!

Just waiting for a pic of Yoshi, will edit when it arrives.  Here he is!

Happy First Birthday!

Happy first birthday to the Seahaven Space litter - the theme chosed by Christopher and all carry a name connecting them to something to do with space!

Tilly and Red are very proud of their youngsters (as are we!) all of whom are much loved by their families.  It has been lovely over the course of the year to catch up with their antics, good and bad!

We asked of pics to be sent to be put on the blog of the pups for their birthday and we have been sent some fantastic pics.  Sadly I can't put all of them on here, only one for each pup and its a hard decision choosing a photo.  Most of all I hope that you enjoy them!