Sunday, 29 April 2012


Congratulations again to Lucy with Milly.  They braved the weather to attend WELKS champ show today, only their 2nd show and first champ show.  Well, Milly had a 2nd in the bitch puppy class and has now qualified for Crufts 2013!

She was beaten by Tilly's half sister, who is a little older than Milly.  Well done Lucy.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Super Dooper Cooper!

Today we had a special visitor!
Cooper (Tilly and Reds son) came to visit, Sean was lucky enought to see him in Dec when he was passing.  Well Dawn and Gerald very kindly brought him to meet his family again.  He just walked in and was part of the family once again!

It was great to catch up with Gerald and Dawn, and to see Cooper as he matures.  He is a credit both Gerald and Dawn, looking and behaving beautifully.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bog Dogs

Well the dogs have decided to enter into a beauty regime in preparation for the forthcoming show season.  Austerity measures well and truly taken into consideration.  Apparently mud is good for the skin, or so we have been led to believe!

The girls have taken this as a great excuse to have some fun in the bog!  Thank goodness for the stream at the end of the walk.  Wasn't looking forward to sharing the car with them after their beauty treatment!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Congratulations to Lucy and Milly!!!

Huge congratulations to Lucy and Milly (Seahavens Red Andromeda).

They both attended their first show today and this lovely girlie (Tilly's Daughter) has done us all proud. 

They won the Junior breed class, took Best Puppy in breed and then Best of Breed!

Not bad for their first attempt at showing.  Huge congratulations from us all here and thank you Lucy for putting all your time and effort into this lovely girl.  Milly looks like she's now ready for a well earned rest!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

April Walks

Finally managed to get some pics off the phone!  We had a lovely walk this morning before the heavens opened and stayed that way for most of the day.  The dogs were more than happy to stay curled up and comfortable after that, and Batty took some persuasion to go out to the loo!

Batty has a new home to go to, and we're really excited for him, but it will be sad to see him go.  However we should be bumping into him and his new owner during the year, so we'll get lots of Batty cuddles!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Batty training

Today we have been training Batty. We have started to teach him sit, wait and Recall.Batty's concentration is fantastic, he responds very well to praise and particulary treats! As with all puppy training we kept it short and sweet, ending with lots of fun and fuss.

Saturday, 14 April 2012


It's been a busy week here for us all and we've been slightly hampered by a sickness bug that has struck all but one of us.  So, today has been a chilling day!

Can't quite believe that puppy worming has come around again, Batty has again been rather obliging bless him.  A trip to the vets to start the vaccination process, he caused quite a stir being such a handsome chap and he didn't bother one bit with all the checks and jab.

Tasha has finished her article for the Large Munsterlander club newsletter and then took a well earner rest with Trio.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Intoducing.....................................Batty (Trouble)!

This is Batty, sometimes known as Trouble.  He seriously needs a new name, and a nice loving home.  He was named Trouble as he is always at the centre of any action, Batty, as his marking resemble bat wings! He is adorable, an absolute sweetie and the son of Maddie (Paddockridge Madelaine at Seahaven and Darcy (Ali Cobbledicks) Blitzan Eternal Chaos).

Feel free to phone or email for a chat about this lovely character (or munster chat in general).     01348 841004

Saturday, 7 April 2012

3rd Birthday Wishes

Happy 3rd birthday to Trio and her brothers and sisters (Ziggy, Bethan, Uma, Zeke, Oscar, Max, Lucas, Max & Mostyn).

Hope that you're all having a lovely day and being spoilt rotten!

With love from Maddie, Trio, Tilly and us all at Seahaven.

Friday, 6 April 2012

When the cats away...................

the mice will play. 

The boys took full advantage of me being distracted with the printer not printing!

Having washed one of the beds and put it out to dry.  I hasten to add, I thought that it was well out of their reach!  Well I was proved well and truely wrong!  They thought that it was great fun, running around with white fluff in their mouths.  They looked the picture of innocense, trying to blame each other!

Well what else can you do after all that fun but crash out in their favourite spot on the decking.  I haven't the heart to move it as they love to lie down in it watching the world go by.

Oh, the joys of puppies!!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Introducing the joys of travel

The weather was miserable here yesterday, bitterly cold with rain and sleet all through the day.  The pups took some persuasion to go out to the toilet, so wellies and waterproofs were well used.  They really didn't want to get their feet wet, and after the lovely weather last week didn't appreciate the change in temp!

We thought that we would try and make up for it today.  The weather was much better, the sun has been out all day but it has still felt cold.  We decided to give the pups a small trip in the car, just to start to introduce that it is fun.  Well they seemed to settle and the boys were really curious of the smells etc. in the car.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter Puppy Training

Easter Hols, yippee

We have taken the munsters down to Goodwick.  Walked on Goodwick moor and out to the end of the breakwater.  The girls have had a lovely run and a good swim, Trio nearly swan for the whole of the breakwater!

At the end of the breakwater is a lighthouse with  a ramp.  The dogs love to go off this for a swim, which they did today.  Maddie swam out to a small bouy thinking that it was something to retrieve, and happily started to swim back to us with a bouy and lobster pot attached!  Only it wouldn't let her swim far, she was completly puzzled as to why she was making no progress!  Eventually she let go and swam back in to us, I don't think she could her me telling her to leave it with all the spashing that was going on.

The pups have again being doing some training.  We enlisted the help of Tilly, she is such a good role model and loves being a goodie two shoes!  Tilly confidently showed them what to do and ignored there attempts to distract her. 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Spring Clean!!

Well the spring clean has continued here at Seahaven!  The weather improved as the day wore on, and we all took advantage.  It's great to have all of the dogs out with us, and as usual they kept us entertained, especialy the puppies.

We have managed to put weed barrier and stone down around the vegetable garden, an area that is normally out of bounds to the dogs  for obvious reasons!  They felt quite priviledged to be there with us.  Maddie hunted out a field mouse or vole in the long grass, but didn'm manage to catch it as Trio tried to get in on the act and disturbed her.

We closed the front gates and the pups were able to come with us to collect the stone and see some passing traffic (which didn't amount to much!) but certainly a change of scene for them.  We decided after trying to cut the barrier that it isn't a job easily done with puppies around, for that they went into the run for their own safety and my sanity!

All now worn out and fast asleep.

Hope that all went well with the LM natural apptitude test that was held today, hope that everybody had a great day.  I wish I had been there, but not possible with puppies here.