Friday, 29 November 2013

Trio's Progress

Can't quite believe that it's been three months since Trio had her accident!

She is continuing to make good progress and both our vets have been thrilled with how well she has done. 

She has quite a following now at The Oak Vets! and all who have been involved with her always comment on her lovely personality, she is always such a sweetheart there with everyone.  If she's not really happy she just looks away until whatever is being done is over with.

This is the longest that we've gone between appointment, back next week for a check but would be straight back if we were concerned with anything.

We have been slowly increasing her walks, and have introduced some hill climbs too.  She really looks forward to her outings as this is normally one to one time with either me or Tasha, sometimes we might take one of the other dogs for a change but it's nice to just have some special time with her.

Massage is still ongoing, as is some passive movement exercise and we have introduced Trio's favourite activity - swimming!

Initially this was just walking through the water but now moved on to some swimming.  Sadly we don't have a hydrotherapy pool near to us, so being inventive we have found that we can use the slipway at Goodwick, just being careful to ensure that she's dried thoroughly after each swim and warmed up.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ginger Beastie Shenanigans!

Having seen Coopers impressive catalogue shredding effort, not to be left out Bron has been on a wrecking expedition lately, among a regular attack on the roll of bin bags creating 'plastic confetti' she has managed to 'disconnect' the tumble drier!  and disembowel the duck.....



Had a new dog to walk last week, a red setter, a good match for Bronski - bags of energy for racey chasey games! Plenty of rushing around at the country park and they were filthy! Click the link to see the video

Cooper goes to Leicester

Yesterday I went to the Toller Breed Open Show near Leicester.  Even though it's a long way from Neath judging didn't start until 11am so we started out at 7.  It was still dark and frozen, even when I stopped en-route for my morning toilet break on the Neath canal.

We got there about 10.30 and what a great venue.  A spacious heated hall for the show itself, with permanent soft flooring so doggies can get a good grip. There was a cafe facility in the hall where the humans got their teas and coffees, hot dogs, burgers (they were yum) and chips. All a VERY reasonable price too compared to the bigger shows. Outside were acres of ground for parking and dog exercise - there was even a permanent dog agility course set up.  Those local Leicester dogs are spoilt rotten!

The Toller Club are doing a great job with this show.  They had Club hats, shirts and other merchandise on sale, and a tombola where there were some really lovely prizes every time.  I won turkey flavoured bones with one ticket and Dad won a bottle of fizzy plonk so he was happy too.

So - let's get down to business.  Mam had entered me into Graduate.  The show started on time and judging was efficient and it wasn't long before I was in the ring.  I was in a class of 5.  It went really well to be honest, and when the judge made her selections I got a Second. Mam and Dad were over the moon - Dad even got to see the judge's pick as he'd sneaked back into the hall.  Dad took me outside and opened the turkey bones.  They smelt scrumptious.  I curled up on the grass, lay in the sun and demolished them.  Oh - and then I ate some of Dad's burger.  Well, fair's fair - on show days I only get half a breakfast, and it's me that does all the work after all!

We stayed until the end because it was such a nice atmosphere.  There were 57 tollers entered into the classes, so a good turnout.  We all enjoyed so much that we will go back in March next year for the Championship Show.

In the ring  

Home at last. Where's Mam's bright green jacket today?
And check out that hat!!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Cooper and the Argos catalogue

Mam and Dad went out shopping earlier and didn't take me with them.

So, I got a bit fed up waiting for them to return and I thought I'd have a look at the Argos catalogue.  After all, Christmas is coming and I want to get an early list off to Santa to make sure I get everything I want.

The only thing is there's too much stuff in that Argos catalogue that is of no interest to a toller whatsoever.  I mean what use is a watch to me, or an exercise bike!  So as I rummaged through the catalogue trying to find something appropriate I'm afraid I got a bit carried away.   Oops!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Flying The Flag For Wales

Tasha and Eleanor attended the training session for the junior agility team for Wales today.

Both have made the Welsh squad!!

Very proud to announce that Eleanor with Tilly will represent the U12s, and Tasha with Maddie the O12s.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Pembs Canine Association Show

Great as always to see friends with the breeds that we own and others, a lovely friendly show, relaxed but well run.

Tollers lookd great in the ring, with one of the bigger entries for the day, it's great to have such good support for the breed class the first year that these have been put on for us.

Great day for the Seahaven crew, results as follows.

2nd Cooper - Seahavens Galatic Storm
3rd Tilly - Dinaskarrek's Red Vixen at Seahaven
4th and Best Puppy in Breed- Bron - Seahaven Gloriana
5th Eve - Seahaven Parish Bell

Maddie Best of Breed for LMs, not bad going for an older girl! and she was then shortlisted for Best in Show.

Eleanor was 2nd in the JHA Class with Eve, and Tasha won her class handling Tilly.

Tilly and Eve took part in the Brace class for the first time and were 2nd.  Maddie and Trio normally have such fun in this class and we've missed having them in Brace so good to have anothe two to handle.  Eve really did surprise us by not mugging Tilly in the ring, she really is starting to mature now.

Maddie also won the memorial stakes class handled by Eleanor.  All in all a really good day, once again thank you for sharing the day with us.

Have an exciting day ahead of us tomorrow, will tell you all about it when we get home tomorrow evening!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Rookie Tracking

Just a quick video of Rookie doing some working trials tracking. The track is an hour old, over some tricky terrain and has multiple corners for the first time! He handled it really well, clever boy.
His most prized, special "tracking-only" toy was at the end, and we broke it playing tugs :(

And here are a few pics from Rookie's latest date with his girlfriend Zennie (Crumpsbrook Magnolia):

Zennie gets cross when Rookie talks to other dogs, so she waits to pounce on him!

Here she goes!

Followed by barking A LOT in his ear!

More barking at poor Rookie!

Investigating a washed up boat


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Large Munsterlanders Needing a Loving Home

Large Munsterlander Rescue has two adult LMs currently needing a home.

They are a 10 year old female and 7 year old male, both neutered.  In rescue through not fault of their own, both well mannered happy family members who need a new happy home.  Would be great to see these two settled for Christmas, please share with anyone who might be interested please.

Can anyone help?

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Llanelli Open Show and Eve's Handling Debut.

Today was Llanelli Eve's debut in Junior Handling with Eleanor.  Eleanor has partnered Maddie and Trio for the last few years but was keen to have Eve as her own dog to compete with now.  Lots of hard work has been undertaked to ensure that Eve was confident with all of the aspects that are expected of them, and Eleanor has made sure that she hasn't rushed her.

Well the hard work really paid off, Eve didn't put a foot wrong in the two classes that she was entered into.  She really was foot perfect, even when Eleanor and another handler were asked to do pair work.  Eleanor has not done much of this work before as it doesn't normally happen in her category.  Eve bless her hadn't done any at all, but was so responsive to what Eleanor asked of her.

She was awarded a 3rd in the JHA class, and 2nd in the YKC!  Just missed out on qualifying for Crufts, as only 1st place qualifies, sadly the winner had already qualified and the qualification doesn't automatically roll down.  Such a shame but such a good start to her handling career.

Not to be outdone Natasha had Tilly for the older category and won the JHA class with her!!

No breed classes but Eve was Best Gundog AVNSC puppy and Tilly had a 3rd in Open AVNSC.