Friday, 22 June 2012

Back out and about

Well we haven't posted for a little while as Maddie and Trio have both been in season and as a result have been limited in what to do.

It has however been really busy with other things, we have enjoyed the county junior athletics, and the school music evening with our daughters.  Christopher sat his maths GSCE stats paper this week (only 12 yrs so really proud of him for this), so it's been a busy few weeks of revision.  Roll on August for his results.

Today we took the dogs for a walk along the Cleddau, it seems to have been ages since I had all 3 dogs out for a long walk together.  They all had a good swim which they thoroughly enjoyed.  Hoping to meet up with Jess and Rookie (Batty as he was known here) so looking forward to seeing how he is developing.

Can I go in mum, pretty please...

Hoping for some extra good news in the coming weeks, keep checking the blog!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Another missed show!

Well the worst of the weather was north of us, so we got off very lightly in comparison to Ceredigion.

With Maddie and Trio both in season we decided not to attend the Large Munsterlander Championship Show today.  Hate missing shows when we have entered, and have waited at home for news on the net and from friends.

Lucy took Milly to Ashfield open show in the Midlands and again took the best puppy in breed.  They are having a really good time, and enjoying every minute of it!  Well done to you both, it certainly made us feel better for missing the LMC show.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

What has happened to the sun!!

Can't you tell when the children are off school!  Sadly we missed Monmouth last weekend, with two munsters in season we decided to stay home and make the most of the weather on the Saturday. We sadly missed meeting up with some of the others Seahaven offspring which as we normally manage a meet whenever we're staying at Monmouth.

Maddie and Trio are really fed up with being left behind, and Tilly has really enjoyed her outings with us.  On Saturday I took the children and Tilly to the beach for a few hours, I really don't know who had the most fun!  I quite happily observed as Tilly swan alongside the body boards, and dug huge holes in the sand with 3 happy children.

Let me do it, I'm better at doing holes than you lot!

Race you all to the sea!